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NiaStone enjoys being sexy!

NiaStone is a dream girl you’ve always wanted to talk to, but never actually had the courage to approach. She is one of those models who you really have to see to believe! NiaStone has a gorgeous face of a real celebrity with an approachable attitude of a cute girl you’ve known for ages!

NiaStone enjoys being sexy!If you are into curvy Latinas, she’s going to charm you for quite some time! Her personality is warm, her body is hot, and her ability to drive men crazy makes her a real goddess! She enjoys looking sexy and turning her online performances into real art! That being said, she’s also pretty awesome to chat with!

NiaStone enjoys being sexy!NiaStone enjoys being sexy!

NiaStone is always ready to be imaginative with her fans. She is sweet, seductive and knows how to work it in front of the camera. What more can we say? Once you watch her explicit online shows, you’ll understand why we don’t need to say anything more! Her skills live up to just about every fantasy you could ever have!

NiaStone enjoys being sexy!
Her beautiful style and elegant body are to die for – it’s not surprising that she can make any guy drool so easily. She definitely can be edgy when the situation requires so, but we can guarantee that she still somehow manages to keep things innocent even while she’s doing something naughty!

NiaStone enjoys being sexy!
You better visit NiaStone’s chat-room right away! She is waiting for you in anticipation! This seductress cannot wait to share some hot moments with you in her chat-room!

NiaStone enjoys being sexy!
ModelCentro BrianaBanks

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DolcePassione is back with another victory!

DolcePassione is back with another victory!

DolcePassione is back with another victory!

Another week dependably carries us warmth alongside the magnificent new champs of the “North America and Western Europe TOP-100” challenge. This woman has been keeping every one of us warm notwithstanding amid the coldest time! Do you know her identity? Totally! It’s DolcePassione!

Bafflingly attractive woman is back with many new traps up her sleeve! DolcePassione is fit for influencing you to lose your psyche! Visit her talk room and she will uncover her slim body in all its greatness and will give you a genuine opportunity to make all your sexual dreams a reality!

Passionate redhead BlueRoose!

Dear women! Summer is practically around the bend! Make it significantly more blazing with your suggestive shows and possibly next Monday the victor will be you!

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Catch_Me becomes the winner!

Catch_Me becomes the winner!

We are on the whole exceptionally happy another week has begun in light of the fact that we can at last declare the champ of the “Global TOP-100” challenge! Celestial magnificence Catch_Me did it once more! How about we compliment her on the new triumph!


This young lady truly knows how to fascinate any watcher! Catch_Me’s shows are amazingly hot – her sexuality is boundless, and you will have a fabulous time with her! Join this underhanded darling’s talk room – she can hardly wait to become acquainted with you better!

Elektablue’s first victory!

Dear women! We can hardly wait to see you in any case in our TOP-100! Show all that you’re prepared to do, and you may get the fantastic prize as of now next week!

skyprivate: Therapy

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Webcam Model Interview: North-Star-

A charming brunette with absolutely delicious curves and beautiful brown eyes – this is all about North-Star-! This real princess is irresistible in every possible way! North-Star- is a romantic and sensual girl with a touch of lust. With her, you will share unforgettable moments and sweet memories! Read her interview and learn more about your favorite model!

Webcam Model Interview: North-Star-

Webcam Model Interview: North-Star-

– What’s your favorite website?
– I rarely visit any websites other than BongaCams. Seriously, BongaCams is my favorite website 🙂

– Who has impressed you the most with what they’ve accomplished?
– I get really motivated by somebody else’s achievements. Not any person in particular, but different people at different stages of my life. I like people who can go beyond someone else’s vision of life. Oh, I also like when people stay natural and are not ashamed of that.

Webcam Model Interview: North-Star-

– What job do you think you’d be really good at?
– I like what I am doing now. I think I am pretty good at it.

Model Spotlight: _LadyFox_

– What is something that a ton of people are obsessed with but you just don’t get the point of?
– I am not a fan of video games. I don’t understand why some people are so obsessed with them.

Webcam Model Interview: North-Star-
– What is the happiest moment of your life?
– All the happiest moments happened during my travels. I think we have to travel to feel happier.

Danii Banks, Lacey Jane to Perform on CamSoda Tonight

– What is your destination for the trip of your dreams?
– I really want to visit Australia. I think this country is the most magical place on Earth.

Webcam Model Interview: North-Star-
– Would you like to change something about you?
– I would change my character to be more bitchy 🙂 This is the only thing I would like to change.

– What are your favorite sex toys?
– I like all types of glass toys and a massage vibrator – I am absolutely in love with it.

Webcam Model Interview: North-Star-
– If you could jump into a pool full of something, what would it be?
– I would want a pool full of sweets. I am a huge sweet tooth after all.

– Where do you see yourself in next 20 years?
– I see myself sailing my personal yacht somewhere 😉

Webcam Model Interview: North-Star-

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Passionate redhead BlueRoose

Passionate redhead BlueRoose

A new week brings beautiful winners of the “International TOP-100” contest and we cannot wait to announce the results! Let’s congratulate our babydoll BlueRoose. She deserves this victory like nobody else!

Passionate redhead BlueRoose

Passionate redhead BlueRoose has some fantastic personality and truly undeniable charm that helped her become the most popular model of the week! Maybe you better see why she has so many fans, huh? Visit her chat-room and witness some great shows!

Catch_Me is back with another victory!

Dear models! Bring out your inner goddess and keep moving towards the victory! Already next Monday the winner might be you! Good luck!

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We love all porn stars, but when it comes to girls with a big booty, Julie Cash immediately comes to mind. No doubt about it, we love her and that big ass she’s sporting. We had a chance to interview her in the latest Camsoda Confessional. Here’s what she had to share with us. Trust me, you’ll want to watch the video below. She’s beyond perfect and if you like asses, then she’s the one you need to chat with!

Before getting started, I can tell you that she’s been in active on just about every social media platform out there. For example, you’ll find her posting on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and more. She’s 28 years old and measures up as 36D-30-48. Yes, her body is banging and unless you hate big tits and a big ass, then you’ll love what she’s got to offer. As far as porn videos are concerned, she’s shot with lots of people like Brazzers, Reality Kings, MOFOS and more. Check out the video below to learn everything about her!

Julie Cash Shares Her Love For Big Dick And Booty Clapping

The infamous Julie Cash has been in porn since 2010. She took a break for 2.5 years, and then eventually got back into it. Julie just wasn’t ready to give up doing porn. She wanted to leave a bigger mark in the industry and the only way to do that was to get right back on the horse and start shooting porn again. She didn’t want to quit and then come back when she’s 40 years old.

JULIE CASH, Ass Worship, Big Dick, Sensual Sex & More

As you know, when you get older, it gets much tougher to shoot. That’s just the nature of it and she knows that if she wants to make a big splash in the the adult industry, now’s the time to do so! Get it while the getting is good!

She’s done LOTS of porn.

Ass Worship, Big Dick, Sensual Sex & More

Favorite Type Of Porn

We had to ask Julie Cash what her favorite type of porn is to shoot. Believe it or not, she’s not into anything too freaky. Her favorite type of porn to shoot is booty porn. You know, that ass worshipping type stuff. She doesn’t like crazy rough stuff. Instead, she’s all about booty rubs, sensual sex scenes and things of that nature. Julie also loves giving nice sloppy blowjobs to guys.

Favorite Sex Position Shooting Porn

For her fans, she’s only about that doggy style, but camera wise, she likes to shoot using reverse cowgirl too. Since her booty is the main attraction, she likes to show it off like crazy. She loves seeing her own booty bounce up and down.

She loves being openly sexual and loves pleasing guys each and every time she’s fucking. It’s all about the mental aspect of it and she’s extremely comfortable shooting scenes with the guys because she is so close with them.

She loves the entire porn scene – seriously.

Favorite Porn Scene

We got to discussing various porn scenes with Julie Cash, trying to determine which of those that she’s done are her favorite. Based on what we know, her favorite porn scenes that she’s shot are the Million Dollar Booty scene and one that she shot with Reality Kings. It was a sensual and sexy scene that she absolutely loved filming. The male talent loved it just as much as she did.

Passionate Sex vs BDSM

Julie Cash actually does a lot of dom and fetish work with. For the most part, she plays the dominant role on camera more than the submissive role. However, in her personal life she likes to play the submissive role for the most part.

She doesn’t like getting slapped or spanked. So don’t try that or she’ll be turned off for sure.

In fact, she doesn’t really have much of a personal sex life (according to her) and it’s not because she doesn’t like sex. In fact, it’s because she has so much sex while working and the fact that she’s always working, she doesn’t have time to fuck while off camera.

Ass Worship, Big Dick, Sensual Sex & More

Ideal Dick Size

We always ask what the ideal dick size is for each cam girl we interview. Julie Cash admitted to wanting nine to ten inches of rock hard dick to satisfy her. Anything too big isn’t going to do it for her. There is such thing as a dick being crazy big.

Anal / Oral / Vag

We asked Julie Cash whether she preferred anal sex, oral sex or just straight vaginal sex. She said that she really likes giving oral but isn’t into receiving it. She doesn’t do anal, so that’s out of the question, sorry guys. Her booty is big and beautiful but her butt hole is very tiny and it’s not gonna happen folks.

Would You Rather

We hit Julie with the tiny orgasms all the time vs one big orgasm and she had a lot to say about it. She decided to opt for the tiny orgasms all day long. She’s big on masturbating and loves doing it all the time. That Hitachi Magic Wand has seen a lot, that’s for sure! There are lots of porn stars that love this toy, like this one here.

Girl/Girl vs Boy/Girl

Julie mentioned to us that she’s a huge fan of doing Girl/Girl/Boy scenes. She isn’t a big fan of doing just Girl/Girl because she doesn’t really know what to do. It’s complicated and tough to shoot. She wants dick in there, period.

Ass Worship, Big Dick, Sensual Sex & More

Ultimate Fantasy

Julie Cash doesn’t have any fantasy that she hasn’t fulfilled. She’s all about being a woman in a man’s world and she hasn’t done a gang bang or a double penetration scene as of yet so one of those things might be something she wants to do.

She’s shooting porn like crazy these days and has recently done some scenes for RK. Julie has her own website as well called MyJulieCash.com. However, the best place to see her is none other than Camsoda.com. She is always online and ready to chat one on one with her fans. My suggestion would be to check out her profile page. You’ll be glad that you did, trust me!

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Model Spotlight: CallMeBadGirl

Do you struggle to let your inner sex kitten loose? CallMeBadGirl can help you with that! She is the girl who can make your heart smile from the inside out. Your fantasy life will remain just a fantasy until you choose to make it a reality with CallMeBadGirl. She can fulfill any wish, be it tame or wild, “standard” or taboo, or whatever else your kinky little heart desires 😉 CallMeBadGirl is capable of giving you a deep well of joy and excitement! Read the interview with CallMeBadGirl and learn some interesting facts about her!

– Are you a morning or a night person?
– I am actually both. I feel fine at any time of the day, so I can’t really call myself a morning or a night person. But I need 30 minutes in the morning to switch from a sleeping state to real life 🙂 During that time I don’t talk on the phone, I can’t be asked questions, I can’t be told bad news and so on. I need a cup of hot coffee and complete silence – after this I can stay awake for many hours 🙂 6 hours of sleep is enough for me, so sometimes when I play games or participate in competitions on websites I sleep 3 hours during daytime and 3 hours during night time.

– What do you usually do in your free time?
– I don’t have any free time – I separate my real life from the virtual one. In real life, I like spending time with my family and friends and playing poker. My every hour is scheduled and I’ve been living like this for many years now.

Model Spotlight: CallMeBadGirlModel Spotlight: CallMeBadGirl

– If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
– I could live in any part of the world. I’ve been living in the UK since 2004 and I am really happy here.

– What type of music do you prefer listening to?
– I like listening to just anything depending on my mood 🙂 I like 80s music, modern rap, rock, and any other music genre depending on how I feel.

Model Spotlight: CallMeBadGirl
– A housewife or a working woman – which role will you prefer to take on?
– I can take on both roles. If my beloved is with me, I am okay with being a loving wife who does his laundry and irons his socks 🙂 I believe that a woman should know her place but at the moment I am not in a relationship, so I am taking on the role of the family head.

– When you are sad, what do you do?
– When I am sad I visit beauty salons, buy lots of clothes and makeup 🙂 All women are the same in this; shopping really helps us.

Model Spotlight: CallMeBadGirl
– Would you rather: Only be allowed to do foreplay with your hands or with your mouth?
– With my mouth 😉 I have a really rich imagination and I can make the man feel and experience everything I wish! That is my talent 🙂

– Which one do you think is better for dinner – pizza or salad? Why?
– Pizza, even though I like salads. Why? Because I don’t have a lot of time – one call to order a pizza and the problem is solved.

Model Spotlight: CallMeBadGirl
– Would you like to go to the mountains or the sea? Why?
– I would choose a place that has a swimming pool, a hookah, a casino, and lots of sunshine 🙂 During daytime I would sleep by the pool and later spend the whole night at the casino 🙂

– If you won a million dollar lottery, what would you do with the money?
– What would I do with the money? I would keep on playing, however, a bankrupt would now be a millionaire 🙂 Just with only 2% of this, I can play for bigger stakes. I gamble, but I always use maths and always count my chances of winning 🙂

Model Spotlight: CallMeBadGirl

Please Don’t Tell My Daddy I Am Cam Whore

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