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download video camwhores, young camwhores, free cam to cam girls, be a webcam model, cam model website, mycamwhores If you’re into blondes with witty attitudes and beautiful faces, then you’re going to want to pay close attention to today’s update! Howdy folks! It’s that time of the week and we’re delivering someone extra cute and rambunxious today. The Camsoda Confessional of the week features none other than the beautiful Aaliyah Love. Assuming you’re not very familiar with this hottie, you will be in just a few minutes. How can I describe her in one simple word???


[Based on the talents, attitude, and efforts this veteran cam girl puts into her work, there’s no other way to describe her. Having spent personal time with her, we know just how high in demand she is on webcam alone, not to mention actually shooting scenes. One thing I really love about Aaliyah is that she’s straight to the point and has a great sense of humor. Just take a close look at her Twitter profile bio and it’s plain to see that she’s a winner. I mean, she’s an award-winning porn star, webcam veteran, and self-described smut peddler. What the heck is not to love about her? Oh, did I mention that she’s got close to 350k followers and her own official porn site? Yes, that’s how damn popular this girl truly is. Don’t go running to join her site or anything like that. You don’t need to as there are plenty of videos of her here on Camsoda. Not to mention, you can have her live on video – the real deal!]

Porn Star Webcam Veteran Shares Her Sex Secrets!

Porn Star Webcam Veteran Shares Her Sex Secrets!

Before kicking things off with her confessional, I want to cover some of the basics about her. You know, where she lives, what her body is like, all that jazz. So, without wasting another second, here are her vital stats:

Aaliyah Love has a few aliases that she goes by. Don’t be surprised if you see her being referred to as Molly Star, Tamara or Princess Molly Star. Like many porn stars in the industry, she’s made a few name changes during her career. Straight out of Chi-Town, she is from the Chicago area and was born on March 3, 1985, which makes her 33 years old currently. If you’re into girls with hazel eyes, sexy blonde hair and real tits, then she’s your gal. Measuring up at 33A-25-34, she’s a winner for sure. Aaliyah has a distinct tattoo on her left shoulder which is of a tiny bear. If you sneak a peek of that tattoo while browsing the porn tube sites, then best believe that it’s our girl.

As far as social media is concerned, this veteran cam shark is all over it. She’s on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, even MySpace. Here are all her most active social handles if you’re interested in reach out to her: – @AaliyahLove69
Facebook – bpaaliyahlove – LoveAaliyahLove – @AaliyahLove69

As far as making porn goes, the list is HUGE! She’s been featured in a lot of scenes over the years. Literally hundreds of movies to the point where it’s actually too difficult to keep track of things. Some of my favorites are Moms Bang Teens, Hot and Mean, Dirty Masseur, Family Hookups, Girlsway as well as all the Reality Kings scenes that she’s done over the years. You’ll find clips of her videos all over the Internet on tube sites such as XNXX, XVideos, and Madthumbs. Be sure to check out her Madthumbs clips as there are a couple dozen on there for you to fap it too. Nothing compares to her live on cam though.

Okay, now that we covered all the background information on this babe, time to get down to business.

Aaliyah Love Shares Her 15 Years Of Industry Experience!

The Aaliyah Love started webcamming first, then she worked her way into amateur solo porn scenes, then after that, she started shooting girl/girl scenes. It wasn’t until 2013 that she started to have sex on camera with guys. She got her start into webcamming in 2003, so she’s a veteran for sure. Her intentions when getting started in the webcam business was to simply try it out and here we are 15 years later and she’s deeper than ever before in the porn game. Guess what, we aren’t mad about that – we love her!

Before she started doing the camming in 2003, she was in college and working towards a degree. Her ambitions were to eventually become a preschool teacher. To be honest, she wasn’t making enough money as a preschool teacher and she wanted more. So she said, fuck it, time to hit the webcam to make a couple extra bucks for two hours a day after teaching all day long. Sure enough, the money was far better camming than it was teaching students.

That’s not all though, Aaliyah Love put her business cap on eventually started recruiting porn girls and strippers to get on webcam. Most of them would quit the first day, but now everyone does it!

After being in the industry for 15 years, she’s got a couple of favorite scenes that she’s shot for sure. She loves Cheri DeVille (FYI, Cheri confessed to everything last week here) and all her favorite scenes have been with Cheri. She’s done everything with her.

Another favorite scene was her boy/girl scene that she filmed with Derek Pierce. She played the damsel in distress, breaking into her house and she got fucked hard by him.

Porn Star Webcam Veteran Shares Her Sex Secrets!

Fantasy Time!

We asked if there were any fantasies that she has which have not been fulfilled. Her response was that she was interested in it for a long time in shooting a boy/boy/girl scene. She hasn’t done it yet but wants to do it so bad! Conquering two dicks on cam is what she wants to do. She technically did accomplish this during an orgy scene that she was part of recently but it was only for a minute. She wants it full throttle though. I’m sure it can happen and if you’re willing to help her make it happen then message her on Camsoda.

Dick size doesn’t matter so much to her. As long as your dick can stay hard, then you’re in the running.

Do You Watch Your Own Porn?

NOPE. She doesn’t like watching her own porn. The only thing she likes to do is check out pictures that were taken during a photo shoot. She hates watching her own videos though. She’s to critical about the content, period.

As far as other porn not featuring her is concerned, since she’s been in the porn game she just doesn’t like watching it. In fact, we find that a lot of girls don’t like watching porn. This isn’t something that’s too shocking, to be honest. I guess it’s just like any other professional that typically doesn’t spend their free time basking in the work of others within the industry. She masturbates to memory and can get it done within a minute if her imagination is running wild.

Type of Sex

Aaliyah loves kissing but doesn’t like any other type of foreplay. She’s up for missionary and being pounded really hard, just getting fucked until she can no longer take any more dick and that’s about it! She loves a great pounding and loves getting tossed around because she’s so tiny.

Porn Star Webcam Veteran Shares Her Sex Secrets!

Favorite Position In Porn

If you didn’t know, porn positions and personal sex positions vary quite a lot. When asked what Aaliyah liked on set, she said that her favorite porn position depends on the dick size. It varies but she loves reverse cowgirl. It’s a lot of work but it feels great.

Favorite Feature Of Her Own Body

Honestly, before getting into porn Aaliyah Love didn’t like anything about herself from a physical attributes perspective. it wasn’t until she got into webcamming that she started liking her features. She’s got an amazing body and a rocking booty for sure.

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Public Place For Sex

We had to know if there was a public place that Aaliyah Love wants to have sex. Giving her any place at all as a choice. She said that since she’s been in porn, she doesn’t really have any place that she’d like to fuck other than an extremely comfortable bed. She’s into outdoor fucking too if you get a chance to take her camping, consider it a sure thing!

Now, if you like everything that Aaliyah had to share during her confessional, please don’t be afraid to let her know. Simply head on over to her official profile page and shoot her a message. She’s always on cam and doing scheduled live shows weekly! Check her out and in the event that she’s not currently online, you can always check out many of the other cam girls online now.

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