Camgirl of the Month: YogaBella

We’re finishing off the first month of 2018 with one of our favourite newcomers, the beautiful and sexy as hell CAM4 performer YogaBella! YogaBella loves to tease her viewers with her amazing ass-ets, and she’s ready to show the camming world what she’s got!

Camgirl of the Month: YogaBella

1. How would you describe your cam shows in 3 words? 

Sexy, WET, Fun.

2. When/why did you join CAM4? What is your favourite part about the site?

I joined CAM4 because I am currently a student, so it was a great way (when I have time) to earn a little money and have some fun. I was also excited by the idea of being able to pleasure myself with people watching me and having people pleasure me through livetouch. My favorite part about the site is the people I get to chat with on a regular basis. There are amazing people on this site that are awesome to hang out with. There is hardly a dull moment in my room. 🙂

3. What do you feel is sexiest part of your body? And what part do other people find the sexiest?

I have always thought my ass was the sexiest part of my body. It is big and round and juicy. I love to dance, and my ass is very alluring when I do. The parts of my body most people compliment me on is my titties, my ass, and my teeth! Apparently I was blessed with a nice smile and good teeth, which I guess people find attractive. I’m very bubbly so maybe it’s the fact that I always have a smile on my face.

Camgirl of the Month: YogaBella

4. Do you have any fetishes, what’s one you really want to check off?  Camgirl of the Month: YogaBella

I have checked off one of my fetishes with CAM4, which is having people watch me pleasure myself. Something about having others eyes on me is very sexy and turns me on. I also love the idea that I’m pleasuring others as they watch me, not through physical touch but visual and mental stimulation. Sometimes the visual and mental is far more intimate then just physical.

Camgirl of the Month: YogaBella

5. Has your attitude towards sex changed since you started camming? Are you more open-minded, less judgmental, etc.

I am definitely more open minded since joining Cam4. I never thought I would do anal but just recently I put two fingers in my ass. The most surprising part is that I really enjoy it. Everyone is really sweet about your limits on CAM4, but as I was expressing myself more and more (and with a little encouragement) I have overcome some of my sexual hesitations. It’s super exciting and freeing.

6. Do you have any advice for girls who want to start camming?

The advice I would give to girls who just started camming is study study study! The more you know about it the better you will be! I did very little research at the beginning of my career and it’s a good thing I started with CAM4 or I would not have had as much success at camming. It;s a super easy site to navigate and the support is super helpful. All of the coaches on CAM4 are super great for gaining the information you’ll need to succeed!!

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Thank you YogaBella for talking to us! Want to see more of this performer and fulfil her fantasies? Make sure to follow her on her social accounts and watch her on CAM4!

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Camgirl of the Month: YogaBella
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