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Aaliyah Hadid Comes Back To Confess More Sex Fantasies [Video]

It’s not very often that we have one of the girls return for a follow up confessional. Most of the time they’re so busy having sex on webcam or filming scenes that they just don’t have the time for it. The good news is that one girl did and she’s about as fantastic as they come. Her name is Aaliyah Hadid and before getting into the Camsoda Confessional, I’m going to share a few things about her that you need to know. The first thing I want to share is that this hottie actually filmed her first confessional back in November 2016. If you’re interested in watching that video (and I encourage you to do so) then click here to check it out.

Aaliyah Hadid Comes Back To Confess

[Now for those not familiar at all with who Aaliyah Hadid is, she’s gone from being a shy unknown newbie in the porn industry to becoming an award-winning adult film star!] Yes, she did all this within a matter of fewer than two years.

Now that you know a little bit about this hot cam girl, let me share some more personal information about her with you. Aaliyah Hadid was born on October 19, 1995. She’s got beautiful brown eyes, perfect fake tits, some sexy piercings and a big cherry blossom tattoo on the side of her ribcage.

As far as scenes go, she has filmed with quite a few membership sites including Team Skeet, Bang Bros, Burning Angel, PropertySex and more. Okay, glad we got all that juice out of the way. Now it’s time to get to the good stuff! Here’s everything you need to know about Aaliyah Hadid and her second Camsoda Confessional.

Aaliyah Hadid Confessional Clip Round Two

We kicked things off discussing a few hardcore topics, one of which was double penetration. We hit her with the question asking if she was DTF “double time” and she said absolutely!

In fact, Aaliyah admitted that she recently had her first DP and she said it was “fucking amazing.” She wanted to have one for so long but waited until she got back to sunny South Florida to do that. If you didn’t know that’s where she got her start doing porn.

As far as DP details are concerned, she took two dicks, one in the pussy and one by way of anal. No double vag and no double anal but that’s in the works behind the scenes. Speaking of lots of dick, Aaliyah loves gangbangs and double penetration. Basically, anything with multiple dicks that she can suck and fuck, then fill her up! That’s essentially what she told us in a nutshell. If anyone wants to do that…my advice is to hit her up.

Aaliyah Hadid Comes Back To Confess

Would You Rather

We then came at Aaliyah with some basic “Would You Rather,” questions to see how she reacted to each of them. Here are the various topics that we covered and how she responded to each of them.

We first asked whether she’d want to fart while getting eaten out or vomit while making out? She mentioned that she would rather fart while getting eaten out because she’s already done that, lol.
Here’s what happened, some guy was fucking her ass and that air was just all up in there, it just happens sometimes!

We then, segway right into queefing and Aaliyah Hadid said that was “collateral damage.” Some guys like that actually! She explained that her queefs shouldn’t bother you because it’s just air that you so graciously delivered to her vagina! Honestly, she’s got a pretty good point.

Now she’s admitting to having to deal with some smelly balls and hasn’t made any complaints, so she doesn’t expect you to start complaining either.

Moving right along, we tackled the dick biting and ball hitting question, asking if she’d rather bite her boyfriends dick during oral or knee him in the balls during sex? Aaliyah said she’d rather bite a guy on the dick because we strategically failed to mention how hard the bite would be and some guys actually like that. She wouldn’t bite hard though, because the dick is legit the “temple of the man’s body,” according to her. It’s her favorite part and it’s there to be sucked and fucked.

Aaliyah is not a shy girl and kept on sharing her thoughts on dick, stating that as long as the dick is nice, pretty and clean, then she’s all for it.

Does she like dick pics? Aaliyah’s more of a video chick but if you’ve got that ashy dick, then take a hike. Don’t even think about sending any dick pics. Make it look pretty or don’t do it at all.

Aaliyah Hadid Comes Back To Confess

Cuddle Talk

We then asked if Aaliyah would you rather date someone who refuses to cuddle or refuses to go down on her? She’s not even a big fan of cuddling. This hot cam girl said cuddling is okay for the first ten minutes, but then she’s over it. Aaliyah Hadid likes her own space and she’s even got a king size bed to avoid the cuddling.

Being brutally honest with us, she said that she doesn’t even like when guys go down on her because they just can’t compete with her Hitachi Magic Wand. To hear her tell it, no one is ever going to be able to compete with her wand, simple as that. The vibration is just so fucking amazing. She does love sucking dick (more than life itself even) but she doesn’t enjoy having people go down on her.

Fun fact, she’s won awards for sucking dick!

TLDR; no cuddling for this dick sucking award winner.

We went on to ask if she’d rather have hands touching her that are burning hot or freezing cold? Her response was common stating that she rather the guy’s hands be cold because you get hot while having sex and they’ll help balance out the temperature.

That was it for would you rather questions. We simply went into conversation style discussions covering a bunch of random topics. I’ll try and share all the juiciest facts with you, but it would be in your best interest to watch the videos to learn more about this special cam girl.

She’s Into BDSM

Yes, you heard that right, Aaliyah told us that she’s into BDSM. As far as roles go, she is a submissive, not a slave. Basically, Aaliyah is into the Christian Gray type stuff but hates being spanked. Sensual spitting, choking but not degrading. Aaliyah Hadid Comes Back To Confess

She’s all about being tied up too. We got into it here and she admitted to wanting to be tied up both in public and in someone’s dungeon. Basically, she likes that feeling of never being able to get out. Spooky and scary AF for some but enjoyable for others like her! I guess that where her fantasy about being kidnapped and fucked comes from.

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We asked if she’s ever been caught having sex by her parents. Aaliyah said, “Thankfully, that’s never happened.” However, she did have a story for us…A college roommate almost walked in on her once. Another time, she was giving her boyfriend a blowjob and his nut landed on her roommate’s pillow. Hahaha! She washed the roommate’s pillow, didn’t get caught. Like they say, no harm, no foul!

Aaliyah Hadid Comes Back To Confess

Porn Scenes

We had to know what type of porn scenes this beautiful girl likes to do, given that she’s been in the industry since late 2016.

Her response, she loves blowjob scenes because she’s really into sucking dick. Aaliyah is also very much into boy/girl/girl scenes as well as gangbangs. Now’s probably an appropriate time to mention that she has a real fetish for sucking dick and getting her face fucked. Perhaps that’s why she’s so damn good at it now!

If you’re interested in taking her private, which I highly recommend doing, then check out her profile here. My guess is that she’ll do just about anything your little heart desires and probably more!


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Aaliyah Hadid Comes Back To Confess
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