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Kendra Heart Talks Deep Throating, Ball Fetish, Taboo Sex


If you’re the type of person that likes to sniff around for information on cam models, you’re not going to find much on this girl. Her name s Kendra Heart and she’s a relatively fresh newbie in the adult industry. She has filmed with some big name studios like Reality Kings, ATK Galleria, ClubTug and a couple more but that’s about it. We absolutely love it when new porn stars join as cam girls.

If you take a look at the free cam bio details on Kendra Heart’s profile, you’re not going to find much. That’s due to the fact that she’s such a newbie in this game. Nevertheless, she’s absolutely incredible! What I can say about her is that she’s already got hundreds of followers on Camsoda. Kendra is a midwest hottie sporting sexy green eyes, brown hair, B cup tits and a thin body type.

She measures up as a 34B-26-34 and is always looking like she’s ready to pounce on a cock at any moment. Lastly, Kendra Heart was born on September 11, 1992, making her a 25-year-old sex fiend. If you’re into social media and you use Twitter regularly, then you’ve likely seen her Tweets in the past. Do yourself a solid and watch her Camsoda Confessional video. It will certainly give you a better idea of what she likes and dislikes when it comes to having sex.

Kendra Heart Talks Ball Fetish, Famous Fucking, Weird Sex & More

Like I said, Kendra Heart is super new to the industry, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been promiscuous when it comes to fucking and sucking. Which is exactly why we kicked things off asking Kendra what her signature move in bed was. She claims to be amaze balls when it comes to giving blowjobs. It’s her best skill and she loves giving head because it makes them want the pussy that much more. Boom! I gotta agree with her on that one!

We asked Kendra if she had any repeating sex fantasies that came into play. Her response what shocking, especially given that she’s so new to the scene.

Her frequent fantasy which plays itself over and over in her head is having sex with a smoking hot T-girl. The logic behind this is quite simple. She likes cock too much to be a full-on lesbian, but if she finds the right T-girl she might jump on board. That’s literally the whole package pun intended!

Dominant or Submissive?

Kendra Heart frequently switches back and forth from dominant to submissive but deep down inside she’s a true submissive. The good news is that she’s one talented girl. Yes, she can do a little dominatrix and we appreciate that for it helps us fulfill our fetish at times.

Kendra Heart Talks Deep Throating, Ball Fetish, Taboo Sex

Daring Bedroom Action

Fun fact: The most daring thing that Kendra has done in bed is double penetration. This was by far the craziest things she’s done and it was all off camera in her personal life. Eventually, she will end up doing some DP action on film. It’s only a matter of time before she opens up to that.

Kendra Heart Talks Deep Throating, Ball Fetish, Taboo Sex

We asked her if she was into lingerie. It certainly put a smile on our faces when she admitted to liking lingerie. There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful girl wearing hot lingerie! Kendra likes wearing it because she thinks it’s classy. She prefers sporting black lingerie with garter belts. That must be a super sexy sight for sure.

Aggressive and Rough or No?

We had to ask her Kendra Heart if she liked it aggressive and rough in bed or enjoyed the more sensual action. She loves it rough and aggressive. I’m talking throat grabbing, choking and everything else. The more aggressive a guy is the more she is as well. It’s a cat-mouse game I guess.

What age did she first start masturbating? This was an interesting topic, to say the least. Kendra admitted that she lost virginity to a girl in her early teens (watch the clip to learn the details). She did it just to practice with her best friend and ended up loving every second of it.

Kendra Heart Talks Deep Throating, Ball Fetish, Taboo Sex

Unfulfilled Sex Fantasy

This seems to be a very popular fantasy these days. Many girls including Kendra want to peg a guy. If I had a dollar for every time I heard a pegging fantasy recently, I’d have a full pocket to make it rain! I’m guessing that Kendra Heart will eventually find a guy to fulfill this fantasy with.

During out fantasy talk, we started discussing crazy sex acts and she spilled the beans on a few things, one that stuck with us. We asked if she had ever slept with a friends boyfriend and her answer was no.

But Wait:

She admitted to something far worse than that! Kendra slept with her best friend’s dad. In fact, she lost her guy/girl virginity to him. Apparently, her friend still doesn’t know that she fucked her dad. There’s a good chance that she might know but likely not. It was a bit taboo given the age difference and she loved every second of it.

Weirdest Sex Experience

We covered the weird sex topic and Kendra shared a funny story with us. She was at Paradise Lakes nudist resort in Tampa, FL and while there she had an orgy with three couples. Apparently, she was going down on one girl and the girl farted. That was just the beginning because, during that same orgy, she was going down on one guy and burnt his balls on a bidet toilet. He screamed so loud that they called the police. That was where her ball fetish was born!

You heard right, Kendra Heart has a fetish and likes to wash balls. Even better, she loves them on her face. Kendra, of course, prefers groomed smooth clean balls all over her face more so than anything. I’m guessing just about any guy would love to put their balls on her perfect face.Kendra Heart Talks Deep Throating, Ball Fetish, Taboo Sex


Instant Turn On

If you ever have the pleasure of getting extra close with this porn star, then you’ll want to know what turns her on instantly. Something that turns her on instantly which one might call “her button” is touching her right on her hips. She gets so fucking turned on when that happens. Did I mention that she’s a squirter? Yes, she squirts a lot. If that’s what you’re into then you just hit the cam girl lottery I guess!

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As far as guys go, she doesn’t really have any type so to speak. If a dick is in front of her, she’ll suck it. Simple as that! However, when it comes to dating, she loves a redneck with a beard. I guess the way their beards feel on her inner thigh gets her going.

Kendra Heart shared her preference when it comes to dick size and shape. If you’re interested in learning that you’ll need to watch the video. Who knows, maybe you’ve got just what she wants in that department.

We also covered some fun topics like gag reflex training and technique, Famous fuck fantasies and more. Here’s a hint, if you’re into Game of Thrones, then you’ll want to know which GOT actor Kendra Heart wants deep inside every hole possible.

Get with Kendra Heart today and take her into a private chat today on Camsoda. You’ll be glad that you did. I also suggest that you follow her on Twitter as well @kendraheartxxx.


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Kendra Heart Talks Deep Throating, Ball Fetish, Taboo Sex, & More
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