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Karma Rx Loves Fucking Strangers, Gangbangs

There’s a lot that we can say about many of the cam girls that perform on Camsoda. However, we’ve got quite the hardon these days for one beautiful lunatic! She’s perhaps the craziest that we’ve come across in a long time and there’s a good chance you’ll be begging to fuck her after watching the video. The famous pornstar I’m referring to is Karma Rx. There are a couple of things that you need to know about Karma Rx before we get into her confessional video and the dirty details.

Karma Rx Loves Fucking Strangers, Gangbangs

Karma Rx Loves Fucking Strangers, Gangbangs


For starters, she’s a smoke show and a half that love flaunting her goods on social media. You name it, she’s on the platform and actively posting. I’m talking about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. However, the best place to connect with her is right here on Camsoda.

She was born on 01/21/93 and lives in the Los Angeles area. She’s got huge 32H boobs, tons of tattoos, and thousands of followers watching her every move on Camsoda. Karma has beautiful hair, green eyes and an appetite for big cock. More to come on that, here’s what we learned about Karma and her sexual desires.

Karma Rx Confesses Love For Big Cock, Fucking Strangers, and a Gangbang Fantasy

We kicked things off by discussing her every sexual fantasy. Her biggest fantasy was certainly a unique one, to say the least. She’s got this fantasy of being tied up wrist to ankles on a public street corner. In this fantasy, there are random people passing by fondling her. As they pass by, the people stick things in just about any “place” that you can think about.

The one thing she requires in this fantasy is that the people not know her. She doesn’t want the people to get too excited about it either. Instead, she wants them to just treat it like “whatever,” here’s a nice hole to stick something in. LOL, it sounds like a really strange fantasy but I’d love to help her fulfill it!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Karma Rx is for sure an exhibitionist. She just loves doing daring things and my guess is that just about everything she does is daring. There’s no doubt about that and we learned that right out of the gate today!

Would you fuck Karma in public in the middle of the street if she was presented to you all tied up, holes exposed and all? You’re crazy if not!

Karma Rx Loves Fucking Strangers, Gangbangs

Craziest Places Ever Fucked

Most porn stars have had sex in lots of strange places. Karma Rx is one that’s banged in more places than you can even imagine. You don’t believe me? How’s this for crazy, she’s fucked in a graveyard on Valentine’s Day on top of someone’s tombstone!

She has also fucked in various churches, on the side of the freeway leaning up against a car and other places as well. Heck, she’s the only cam girl that we know that’s pulled off a squirting cam show in the DMV. Oh, let me now forget about her anal sex experience in Del Taco!

If you’re catching on, then you realize that Karma Rx is both amazing and crazy!

Biggest Turn On

Every girl has things that turn her on and Karma definitely has her turn-ons and turn-offs.

She’s the type of girl that likes confidence. If you’re blessed with it, then awesome. You’ve just increased your chances of fucking Karma Rx. If you are insecure or lack confidence, then there’s no way you’re going to attract her.

One other thing that turns her on is the typical stranger. She gets easily turned on by strangers and if you run into her, then act like you haven’t got a clue who she is or what she does. Yes, you heard that right. She is all about having sex with strangers. Play that stranger card to your fullest advantage. If you do, you might actually improve your chances of fucking her.

Once again, if you’re insecure, then keep it to yourself. Telling Karma Rx the truth about your insecurity is not going to help your dick get wet. In fact, it might destroy your chances entirely. I’m not joking!

We hit Karma with a “Would you rather” curveball and presented her with the following question…

Would you rather be with a guy that loves you and has a small dick or would you rather be the side chick of a guy with a big dick?

Just as suspected, Karma wants big cock. Sorry tiny, you’re out of luck here. Sporting a tiny dick isn’t going to get you anywhere. She’ll play the side chick role just to take that big pole down. Size does play a part for her and even though many tell a different story, she’s a size queen.

What Wouldn’t You Do?

There’s not much that Karma Rx wouldn’t do in the bedroom. If you’re the type that likes to adventure or do strange stuff in bed, then Karma might be the girl for you. She specifically stated during the Camsoda Confessional that she doesn’t have any “hard no’s” in her life. Music to the fetish lovers ears!

Current Go-To Porn Watching

This sexy pornstar is into watching a lot of cuckold scenes these days. She’s also been into Russian porn and European porn lately. I guess she feels that it’s a bit more interesting than American porn.

Let me not forget about the gangbangs. She’s a huge fan of gangbang porn. I’m not talking about a few guys and one girl. Nope, instead, she likes to watch dozens of guys in huge gangbang scenes fucking a girl. Think of a European gangbang scene with sweaty guys wearing masks and fucking a girl. That’s what she finds attractive. The more hardcore, the better and you best plan on her being locked in for hours.

Dominant or Submissive?

When asked what role she likes to play, dominant or submissive, it turns out that she plays both roles. It really depends on the guy that she’s with. At times, she likes to play the dominant role but other times she prefers to be the submissive one. It really depends on the specific situation.

Favorite Sex Toy

We hit Karma Rx with the masturbation and sex toy talk. She happened to mention that she’s all about the using the Sybian given that she owns one. Oh, Karma’s a big fan of the Hitachi Magic Wand too but the Sybian beats all others.

Karma Rx Loves Fucking Strangers, Gangbangs

Older vs Younger Guys

What do you think Karma Rx is into? Young or old guys? We had to ask her if she’s down with having sex with older men. It turns out that Karma went through a phase where she really enjoyed fucking older men, but she’s over that now.

She previously would only fuck older dudes but has since shifted and changed her ways. Why? Well, she would rather fuck a 26-year-old that’s amazing with a ton of energy and a giant cock. Can’t really argue with that I guess!

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We asked Karma what type of lingerie she likes to flaunt and wear for her boyfriend. Surprisingly, she doesn’t like wearing any. The reason for her answer is justifiable. She simply doesn’t like to be uncomfortable. Karma Rx made a good point stating, “It all comes off anyway,” so she’s not going out of her way to wear lingerie these days. If you happen to come across something cute and comfortable, then definitely let her know about it. She might even try it on for you live on webcam.

Biggest Sex Fantasy

Karma Rx wants six guys all at once. Two dicks in her hand, all her holes filled and an extra one jerking off on her stomach. If you’ve got a group of friends that are down to make that happen, then I suggest you round up the troops and it her up!

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If you haven’t registered as a user on Camsoda yet, then I don’t know what you’re waiting for! Connect with thousands of horny models on free webcams 24/7
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