CharBFit Webcam & Fitness Model Shares Her Sex Secrets [Video]

First things first, I want to wish you a Happy New Year! It was a long, but great year and we’re now ready to bring you the best of the best when it comes to cam girls and online models down for live chat action. Honestly, it’s not every day that we come across a really special girl that’s not a porn star. Sure, we love them all equally but when an experienced woman with a beyond perfect body steps into the Camsoda mansion, we get focused more than you can even understand! Today, we’re here to share a confessional video of a girl known as Char B. She’s an Instagram sensation with 270k followers and a body that thousands of men and women worship. She’s got some aliases that she goes by, some of which are Cherri, Sky Blue, Skye Blu, Missy Hart and a few others.

CharBFit Webcam & Fitness Model Shares Her Sex Secrets [Video]

NO LIE. Her body is that amazing.

We love just about everything about CharB, including her accent. She’s from London and it’s easy to pick up on the second she starts chatting on cam. We took some time to meet with Char B to hear everything that she had to confess to us. Check out the video below or keep reading to learn everything about this beautiful cam girl.


CharBFit Confesses To Loving Lingerie, Public Sex, No Panties & More

We hit Char B with the same type of questions that we normally ask, but this time we mixed things up a bit, adding various aspects to some of the questions. Kicking things off, we started with what CharBFit’s favorite thing to do in bed is and we wanted to know what the wildest thing was she’s done sexually thus far.

Favorite Thing To Do In Bed

Char B mentioned that playing with her toy was her favorite bedroom activity. She has a little pink bunny with ears that vibrates like you wouldn’t believe. CharBFit masturbates every morning and every night, which means that she wakes up happy and goes to sleep happy! Life is good!

CharBFit Webcam & Fitness Model Shares Her Sex Secrets [Video]

Wildest Thing Ever Done In Bed

Believe it or not, she is actually pretty vanilla at least to hear her tell it. During the confessional CharB mentioned that she needed some spicing up. My guess is that right there is an invitation for all cam users to step in and help her with that. Have the confidence and guts to show a beautiful world-class model a thing or two in the sack? Then message her via her profile!

Most Frequent Fantasy When Masturbating

Most people masturbate and we wanted to know what Char B thinks about when getting herself off. CharBFit’s go-to fantasy while masturbating is group sex. She used to do it when younger, so she’s just reminiscing of the times where there were too many men and women to handle I guess. Actually, strike that! My guess is that she can handle plenty of both just fine!

Lingerie Or No?

Full disclosure, we personally love lingerie and when cam girls mention that they love it too, well, we get really turned on! Guess what, she absolutely loves lingerie! Stockings, lace, all that stuff are right up her alley. In terms of color, black or red are her favorite.

Aggressiveness In Bed

We asked whether or not Char B wanted a guy to be aggressive in bed? Her answer was YES! CharBFit likes aggressive full body men to give her a real pounding. If you’re a guy that has full shoulders, then you’re scoring points.

As for other physical attributes in men, Char B is not crazy about facial hair. A little bit is fine but that’s about it really. Big, over the top facial hair isn’t going to win this busty babe over. Sorry, if you’re sporting a beard, perhaps it’s time to trim it down, especially before your cam to cam session. Although the big beard look doesn’t do it for her, you don’t need to go clean shaved either. Just trim it down and you’ll be fine.

We then asked CharBFit if she has any sexual fantasies that she’s yet to fulfill. The answer is no because she’s basically done it all or at least everything that she wants to do.

CharBFit Webcam & Fitness Model Shares Her Sex Secrets [Video]

Favorite Performers

Does Char B have any favorite male and female performers? That’s the magic question that all the models are waiting to hear answers on. As far as male performers are concerned, she doesn’t but only because she doesn’t watch that much porn. I guess CharBFit needs to watch more videos.

As for female favorites, one the Camsoda girls was a favorite of hers but she forgot the name. Honestly, 99.9% of the Camsoda models are smoking hot, so we’re not surprised that she’s fallen for one of our own. In fact, we love that!

Anal Sex Talk

CharBFit shared a witty saying with us when we started talking about anal sex. I’d never heard someone say, “Any hole is a goal,” but hot damn did I like the sound of that! She couldn’t possibly be more right when it comes to that! In short, she likes having anal sex. There are plenty of other girls that love having anal sex on cam – check them out here.

Instant Turn On

If you ever get a chance to hook up with CharBFit, then I suggest you make sure you kiss her. It’s kissing that does the trick for her. It makes her tingle all over. Something simple, but sometimes simple is all you need to get things started or kick things up a notch.

Sex In Public

According to CharBFit, public sex is amazing! Based on her initial response, I knew then and there that this naughty cam girl has fucked in public before. She loves it outside and enjoys doing it in a field setting.

That answer alone would explain why she’s always felt great on cam from day one. According to Char B Fit, being in front of the camera has never been a problem and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be one anytime soon. She’s been in front of the camera for roughly 20 years and it has never bothered her.

CharBFit Webcam & Fitness Model Shares Her Sex Secrets [Video]

Favorite Part Of Male Body

On a guy, she’s got a thing for big muscles in the shoulder region and if you meet those requirements for fucking her then I’ll give you some advice. She loves grabbing shoulders while being pinned down, so be prepared for that! Also, be groomed but not overly groomed and you’ll be just fine for her liking. rugged men win her over best.

We covered a few topics such as the age that she lost her virginity, her favorite sex position, least favorite position and the craziest porn she’s ever seen. If you want to hear all the answers to those questions, then you’ll need to watch the video.

Sex In Cars & Fetishes

CharBFit loves having sex in cars. She’s all about the car quickie. As for fetishes she loves stockings and dressing up. She loves feeling sexy and loves being wet too. Photographing in shower scenes and fucking in water is right up her alley too. CharBFit is into some light BDSM stuff so that’ll turn her on as well if the setting is right.

Is She Dominant Or Submissive?

Char B said that it depends entirely on what she is wearing. Basically, she transforms her behavior and attitude based on what she’s wearing while having sex. I love that about her too! She can be a real slave driver if need be.

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Forget The Panties

If you love when women don’t wear panties when getting all dressed up, then you’ll love to hear that CharBFit leaves the panties at home when out on the town. Her skirts are so tight that it just doesn’t work with the outfit. Too bad, so sad, lol. We love it!

We hit Char B with some rapid-fire questions asking about very specific topics. Here are the answers that she provided during this part of the confessional taping.

Favorite places to masturbate in public: On a train, in a car, and outside.

Giving or receiving oral: She likes to give but will take both at the same time if and when possible.

Dick size – 5 inches and thick or ten inches and thin? She’s all about taking the “5 inches and thick” option versus skinny and long. Char B needs something that’s going to touch the sides if you know what I mean!

Clit stimulation or dick or both? Char B likes clit stimulation more than anything, which is why she uses the little clit stimulating toy that she has and uses it twice daily.

Gag reflux, yes or no? No gag reflux at all.

Ever slept with friends boyfriend? CharBFit abides by girl code. She hasn’t done that and won’t do it.

Self-description of her vagina – She described it perfectly, “Like a flower ready to open!”

If you’re looking to open CharBFit’s vagina and spend some quality time deep in this fitness model then you’ve come to the right place. My advice would be to connect with her by visiting her profile and send a message to her! Scheduling private chat time is super easy and you’ll love what you see when you get with her! Char B, special thanks for sharing everything with us. We absolutely love you! Thanks!


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CharBFit Webcam & Fitness Model Shares Her Sex Secrets [Video]
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