Lily Rader Deep and Juicy Confessional Video

Once again, we’re back at it and doing what we do best! That’s right we got another hot cam model to confess to doing a bunch of naughty things, many of which involve her taking a cock deeper than you can imagine. Today’s Camsoda Confessional features the blonde and beautiful Lily Rader. We had lots of fun with her and she’s held nothing back at all.

If you don’t know who Lily Rader is, then you haven’t been watching enough porn. She’s a delicious blonde porn star that was born on August 15, 1996. She’s originally from Akron, Ohio but lives in the Miami, FL area these days. Her smile can stop any guy or girl in their tracks and she’s got an incredibly horny aura about her in a sense of a way.

Lily Rader Deep and Juicy Confessional Video

If you’re wondering where you may have seen this hottie, it could’ve been just about anywhere online. Seriously, she’s all over the porn tube sites. For example, you’ll find her on Xvideos, Pornhub,, Spankbang, Redtube, and 4tube.

If you’ve been sniffing around any of the premium porn paysites, then you might have seen her on Pervs on Patrol, Lubed, Sneaky Sex, Cum Fiesta, Teen BFF, Moms Bang Teens, Money Talks Teens Love Huge Cocks and so many more. If I had to guess I’d say Lily Rader has appeared in at least 30+ porn films over the last couple years alone. While we love watching her fuck on film, watching her do it live is so much better!

But first, we must get through the Camsoda Confessional video before you decide to fuck this naughty young hottie in a one-on-one private chat. Feel free to check out the video below to hear what she had to say.


Lily Rader Shares Her Break In Fuck Fantasy, Baseball Field, and Church Sex Stories

We went ahead and kicked the confessional interview off discussing Lily’s porn-watching habits. Apparently, this teen porn star loves to watch BDSM porn and bondage porn clips. She also likes to watch these acts live on Camsoda. I should also mention that Lily likes to occasionally indulge in passionate sex scenes. She actually prefers a healthy mixture of both hardcore BDSM and romance. I get that they are at the ends of each spectrum but what can I say really?!?

Just How Rough?

In terms of bondage porn, we asked Lily just how rough she liked it. She did not hesitate to answer this question. To keep things simple, pain turns her on. If she can move, wiggle, come untied or get away then she’s turned off by that and it’s simply not enough. She likes full-on bondage!

Lily Rader Deep and Juicy Confessional VideoCredit: Instagram @thereallilyrader

Dominant vs Submissive

Lily Rader is a submissive girl for the most part. However, she can successfully fulfill the dominant role when a situation presents itself and the stars align. The type of role she plays varies from person to person really.

When she’s with some people, she just wants to be more dominant, while with others she wants to play the submissive role. It really depends on the person, mood, and situation.

When it comes to being with guys, Lily is definitely more submissive versus when she is with girls. I think a lot of cam girls feel and act this way. Sounds just fine to me and likely the Camsoda users as well. Afterall, what’s better than watching a submissive teem porn star fuck herself live on cam?

Biggest Sexual Fantasy

When this topic came up, things got very weird. Her fantasy was definitely a curveball and one that’s quite different from other models. She has this crazy break-in rape fantasy that she shared with us. Here’s what was explained…

Basically, in this fantasy, Lily would be hanging out at home in bed, when all of the sudden three guys break into her place. They totally take control of her and do whatever they want. Perhaps they even “kidnap” her in a sense of the way. She’d be awake when the three guys break in and would struggle with them at first. Nothing too abusive but just a dominant group of guts. Things would then break into a rape-like fantasy and she starts to enjoy the whole fuck session towards the end. That’s what Lily Rader wants to have happen.

Just to be clear, that’s not an invitation for anyone to try and fulfill this fantasy for her. We’re not suggesting that so please don’t go trying to break into her house!

Group Sex

We then started talking about having group sex. Lily does like having group sex and has been with five people. In her experiences, she’s had 2-3 girls and a couple of guys.

Although she has never done a gangbang where it’s just her and a bunch of guys, in the future that might happen. Lily Rader won’t rule anything out and she might actually be into that further down the line.

It’s the act of having different things going on that turns her on. This would put some people in sensory overload but not this hottie. Instead, she’d be in heaven.

Lily Rader Deep and Juicy Confessional Video

Double Penetration

Sorry guys, Lily Rader is not down with double penetration. She thinks it would hurt too much. The closest she’s come to this is taking a dick and dildo at the same time but that in itself was way too much for her to handle.

Learn About

One thing she absolutely will not do is have anal sex. Lily hates it. She’s okay with guys licking her asshole but she hates it when someone sticks anything up her ass. Maybe a fingertip, but that’s it. Ass play is okay, but no dicking down in the booty. Sorry, it ain’t gonna happen! Not a chance in hell!

Crazy Sex Church Fun

Lily Rader has had sex in some crazy places. One of those places was a church basement. She snuck her boyfriend down to the church basement during a service. They were lying on the floor behind the couches. I can’t believe she fucked her boyfriend there and did this during church services. That’s absolutely fucking crazy!

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I guess her and her boyfriend hid behind couches so no one would catch them. She was really scared but the excitement was incredible and it created a unique sensation and intense feeling that she’s never going to forget. If you’re wondering, she enjoys spontaneous sex and enjoys public sex as well.

Speaking of public sex, one of the craziest public places that Lily Rader has had sex was in the outfield on a local baseball field. Lily shares the gritty details on this towards the end of the confessional video. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Sexual Preference

If you’re wondering what type of gender Lily Rader prefers to fuck, you’re in luck men because she’s into guys. However, she is working her way into girls. There is no way that she would give up dick, she likes it way too much to do so.

The Perfect Girl

When it comes to girls, she’s spending about 25% of her sex life fucking them, so she is into them somewhat. Her perfect girl would have the following attributes:

  • Blonde Hair
  • Blue Eyes
  • Petite
  • Nice Tits
  • Great Ass

No preference with regards to pussy as she likes them all.

If you’ve worked yourself up and you want to know more, then I suggest emailing Lily Rader on Camsoda today. Check out her official profile page and connect with her today!


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Lily Rader Deep and Juicy Confessional Video
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