Moriah Mills Rapid Fire Sex Interrogation Filmed On Video!

I hope you had an incredible Halloween. We’re kicking things off on the right foot today with an absolute dime piece and one of our favorite ebony cam girls on the platform. I’m not joking, she’s absolute fire and something you’ve got to experience once in your life at a minimum. I’m talking about Moriah Mills and every inch of her beautiful body. I’d love to share some of the juicy details that we’ve got on this hottie before getting to the official Camsoda Confessional clip.

Moriah Mills has huge 34DDD tits, with a banging booty to accompany that. I can also say is that she’s a huge social media user, has made tons of porn videos and is all over the major tube sites. However, nothing compares to spending time with her live on webcam here at Camsoda.

Moriah Mills Rapid Fire Sex Interrogation Filmed On Video!

Moriah Mills Rapid Fire Sex Interrogation Filmed On Video!

We took a different approach to this confessional session with Moriah Mills. This time we went with ahead and hit her with everything we had in a “Would You Rather” showdown. Given the time constraints and being put on the spot, she came back to us with some interesting answers, to say the least. I think you’ll have a greater appreciation for what her talents are. She’s a force not to be reckoned with, that’s for damn sure. Here’s what went down during her interview.

Moriah Mills Spills The Beans During A Cam Confessional Rapid Fire Question Round

Wasting zero time here, I’ll get cranking on Moriah’s responses to the “Would You Rather” questions. Here’s what you need to know about this perfectly built black beauty.

Would You Rather w/ Moriah Mills

Things were about as great as one would hope with Moriah Mills. The answers that she provided for the “Would You Rather” showdown makes me want to jump into a chat with her right now. I’m going to go about this a little differently today and share her answers in a Q & A fashion. Let’s get down to business!

Moriah Mills, would you rather…

CS: Would you rather get cum in your hair after styling or in your eye?

Well, yesterday it was in Moriah’s eye and that sucked big time, so she’d rather take cum in her hair instead. Washing cum out of hair is easy breezy. However, getting cum out of your eye is a different story and a whole other experience.

CS: Would you rather suck at kissing or suck at giving blowjobs?

Moriah Mills much rather be told that she sucks at kissing. I mean really, who cares about kissing anyway, right? It’s all about being able to give a superb blowjob, that’s what truly matters most. Honestly, I can’t really disagree with that at all.

CS: Would you rather watch a couple have sex or recite their wedding vows?

This answer wasn’t much of a shock. She rather watch a couple have sex. She’s a freak and is all about the romance as well, but the freak wins this battle. I gotta say, I’m pretty thrilled that it did too.

Moriah Mills Rapid Fire Sex Interrogation Filmed On Video!

CS: Would you rather have a guy laugh every time he sees you naked or cry?

Moriah said that she would rather have a guy crying over her naked body versus laughing. Her reasoning behind this is simple. It’s because she’s a Libra and anyone that knows a Libra understands the response, crystal clear.

CS: Would you rather watch your dog hump another dog or have him stare at you while having sex?

Kind of a weird question, but not really considering so many people out there have sex while their pets are in the same room. Most people don’t have a problem with this. Moriah Mills is like most in this respect. She’d rather have the dog stare as it’s happened many times before and doesn’t really bother her one bit. However, watching dogs hump each other, not really anyone’s cup of tea.

CS: Would you rather cheat on your partner or have your partner think you cheated on them even though you didn’t?

Given that Libra’s like to make their men jealous, she would much rather prefer her man think she cheated on him versus her actually cheating on him.

My guess is that Moriah Mills gets turned on by the fact that a man is potentially jealous. Some women are like this and that’s quite common.

Based on personal experiences most of the time it makes the women want to fuck you harder. I can’t really get mad about this as there’s nothing hotter than fucking a horny jealous woman.

CS: Would you rather have a sex in a bed filled with stains or a smelly bathroom?

This was a tough question to thrown at Moriah because there really isn’t any positive answer here. You’re basically damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Anyway, Moriah hates germs and smells, so if it’s a food stain on the bed then that’s the choice that she’ll make. However, she’d prefer to not have to deal with either of the issues.

Moriah Mills Rapid Fire Sex Interrogation Filmed On Video!

CS: Would you rather have your parents catch you having sex or catch your parents having sex?

Moriah would much rather catch her parents having sex because she doesn’t want them catching her banging. Kind of ironic considering so many people have seen Moriah Mills have sex on video and live on webcam.

CS: Would you rather have sex with celeb crush once or fuck your real life crush for the rest of your life?

Moriah would rather have sex with her celeb crush at least once versus just banging her real-life crush every day and no one else. She claims it would be far more fun to fuck a different guy every time.

CS: Would you rather date someone that takes 5 seconds to cum or at least 5 hours to cum?

Her answer to this was both, and she’s allowed to answer any possible way she’d like so no problem with that. Moriah likes it when a guy makes her cum first so it can go either way really.

CS: We asked if she’d rather fuck her best friend’s father or your father’s best friend. Guess what she picked?

She would much rather fuck her best friend’s father. It would be just a tad weird to fuck father’s best friend. Can’t say I blame her for that really.

CS: Would you rather have sex in front of police officers or do it live on the news while taping the daily update?

Since Moriah is a “wild child,” sex in front of a live news taping is the way she wants to do it. My guess is that she wants to go viral with that shit! What I can say is that so many cam models are into having sex on video, it’s really insane. All you have to do is take a look around on the site and you’ll come across hundreds of girls that admit to fucking on camera in videos that they’ve recorded themselves or had someone else record. Of course, they love having sex live on webcam, but some also enjoy making porn videos. What’s not to love about that!

CS: Would you rather be horny 24/7 or 1 day per year?

This was the easiest question for her to answer. Without a doubt, she’d rather be horny 24/7 for sure.

CS: We put Moriah Mills into a scenario asking her whether she’d rather sleep with the first person she sees at a bar or the first person who hits on her at a bar.

It took some time to get an answer out of her for this one, but she chose the first person she sees at the bar. It’s a ballsy move but she is quite the wild one right!

CS: We asked Moriah to make a choice between the perfect Tinder date. A guy with a girlfriend or a foot fetish?

Moriah had no problem at all answering this one stating that she rather find out the guy has a foot fetish versus a girlfriend. Girlfriends are just are too much drama for her to handle.

CS: Would you rather have sex with a celebrity you hate or with an ex?

Now, this answer I wasn’t surprised by at all either. She would rather have sex with a celeb she hates because she never goes back to an ex. There’s a reason why they are an ex and going back to them is just something she prefers not doing.

CS: Would you rather get turned on every time you see a man wearing a fedora or every time you see a man wearing Crocs?

Moriah thinks Crocs are absolutely disgusting so she’d rather a fedora all day long.

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CS: This one is a little gross but we had to ask it. Would you rather fart while being eaten out or vomit while making out?

She rather fart because her pussy has a tendency to make a lot of sounds because she fucks a lot anyway. Noises are not a big deal to her I guess. However, vomiting is totally gross and not okay at all.

CS: Would you rather bite your boyfriend in the dick during oral or knee him in the balls during sex?

I think everyone is very grateful for her response on this one. Moriah Mills said that neither are good ideas, but biting is a better choice. Kneeing in the balls is just harsh AF.

CS: Would you rather make a sex tape for just your grandparents to see or put your nudes on Facebook for everyone else to see?

Given that she’s a hardcore pornstar her nudes are everywhere so that’s the short answer there!

That’s just scratching the surface on some of the questions that we covered here. While I’d love to share all the juicy answers with you, you’re going to have to watch the video to find out about the rest. However, what I will do is give you a hint on some of the topics that we covered not mentioned above. This should give you an idea of just how deep and dirty we got with Moriah Mills.

Some of the other things we covered were:

  • Cuddling
  • Crying During Sex
  • Blowup Dolls
  • Family Sex
  • Hand Play
  • Sex In Public Places
  • BDSM
  • Regrettable Tattoos
  • One Night Stands
  • Sex Positions

…and MORE!

What I suggest doing is connecting with Moriah Mills on Camsoda today. Visit her profile page and send her a message. I can almost guarantee that she will fuck you until you feel like passing out.

I’m telling you, that ass and pussy is the bomb dot com!


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What I suggest doing is connecting with Moriah Mills here today
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