Naomi Woods Sex Video Confessional Clip Explains It All!

Well hello there! We’ve got a super sexy cam model to share with you today and she’s something else I’ll tell you! This girl is awesome and I’m predicting that she’s going to end up being one of the top cam models here on Camsoda. Her name is Naomi Woods and she’s a tiny 21-year-old professional adult model.

I’ll tell you right now that if you’ve taken the time to pleasure yourself using sites like Pornhub, XVideos, XHamster, Redtube, and XNXX, then the chances of you seeing her get fucked on a porn video are extremely high.

Naomi Woods Sex Video Confessional Clip Explains It All!

Now what I typically do is share some personal information about the model with you and I’m not going to break tradition today! Naomi Woods was born on June 1, 1996, and is currently 21 years old. She might not look it but that’s her real age. If you’re a fan of the brutal teen versus big cock porn scenes, then you’ll likely get a kick out of this girl for sure. She’s a tiny but fierce thing. Naomi Woods is from Miami Beach, FL. She’s got long brunette hair, blue eyes, and is all natural with real tits, real booty, and no tattoos. As far as measurements go, she’s a 32B-24-34 and looks delicious about 99.99% of the time.

Assuming you’re a social media fiend like the rest of us, you’ll find Naomi posting naughty updates on Twitter and Instagram. Some of the aliases that this tiny porn star goes by are Lissa Polooza and Elissa Alexis. She originally got her start in porn shooting for Reality Kings but has since shot for many other sites such as Lubed, Blacked, Nubiles, Team Skeet, Moms Bang Teens and more.

Now that you know a little bit about Naomi Woods, it’s time to get to the really dirty stuff. Check out the video below and find out what she confessed to during her confessional!


Naomi Woods Talks Fucking Guys, Bottoming Out, Thick Cock, Public Sex & More

Wasting time is not what we do here. Neither on or off cam, so allow me to get right to the meat and potatoes of things. We kicked off the Camsoda Confessional asking Naomi Woods about her favorite sex fantasy. Basically, we wanted to know what frequently turned her on and what she wanted to fulfill.

Naomi has fantasized about fucking her teacher for years! She’s got the fantasy of playing the school girl with a teacher. Yes, it’s the typical fantasy with a hot teacher. You know, the scene where she’s gotten bad grades and is willing to do anything to bring them back up? That’s what she has wanted to do her entire life. It would start with her trying to touch the teacher’s cock and stuff like that. Then moving into some hardcore fucking and sucking for grades.

Naomi Woods Sex Video Confessional Clip Explains It All!

The main reason she’s had the fantasy is due to the fact that she has had super hot teachers while in school and always wanted to fuck them. Heck, if she was my student I’d fuck her every single day!

Submissive vs Dominant

We asked Naomi Woods to tell us whether she liked to play the submissive or dominant role when it came to having sex on video and with her sex partners in general. Naomi prefers to play the more submissive role more so than anything else.

Daring Things

We asked Namoi what the most daring things were that she’s ever done was and she answered quicker than I thought she would. It all comes down to two words: Public Sex!

Naomi Woods is a HUGE fan of fucking in public. She likes having public sex more than you can imagine and has done some crazy public sex acts over the years. Naomi has given a blowjob under a tablecloth at a restaurant. She’s given a handjob on an airplane. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had sex in the air but would love to do that too one of these days. She’s had sex in dressing rooms and even in broad daylight. There was one really daring day where she was slowly working her way up and down this guys cock out in public with people literally around her. You wouldn’t believe it if you saw it, all while people watched on too! Naomi likes doing fun stuff like that.

Naomi Woods Sex Video Confessional Clip Explains It All!

In addition to that, she has fucked at a place called The Porch and in a dressing room (store left unnamed). So you know that if you end up on a date with Naomi, there’s a strong possibility that she may ask you to fuck her in public. I’m sure you’re not mad about that one.

Weird Sex Experiences

Naomi Woods gave a bit of a chuckle when discussing this topic. She mentioned that one of the weirdest sex experiences that she had was with a guy she was messing around with for a couple of months. Towards the end of the relationship, he hit her with a request during sex. This guy wanted her to put a finger in his asshole.

Soon after, he whipped out a dildo and asked her to put the strapon dildo on and fuck him in the ass with it. The dildo was able to slide right in without any effort! The guy claimed it was his first time but Naomi finds that hard to believe. However, it was her first time fucking a guy in the ass like that and was definitely a weird as fuck experience for her.

Instant Turn On

We wanted to know if there was something that instantly turns Naomi on. She mentioned that it was having her clit being played with. In fact, she said there was a sex toy that she owns called the womanizer and that the clit stimulation makes her cum instantly.\

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It’s basically an automatic suction cum orgasm annihilator or something of that nature. It’s super intense and definitely one of her favorite things. That’s about as best as I can describe that toy! LOL, go buy one for someone this Christmas. Trust me, they will be more than pleased if you do!

To Squirt Or Not To Squirt?

Naomi Woods has successfully squirted a total of three times in her entire life. She can do it but needs to learn to let go a little bit more in order to do it more regularly.

Dick Size Quiz

We presented Namoi Woods with two scenarios and requested that she choose one of them. The first was taking a 5 inch and thick dick. The second was taking 10 inches of thin dick.

Her response was neither. Naomi’s ideal cock is 7 inches and thick. She’d rather have a thicker cock than a long one. Given that she has a really tiny tight pussy, she doesn’t want to bottom out on the guy. Naomi likes when a guy has a thick johnson, but bottoming out physically hurts.

Speaking of more pain, she mentioned that a crooked dick hurts her. If you’re sporting an upward curved dick, then it tends to hurt her more. Now it’s still good, just as long as it’s not too deep.

Naomi Woods Sex Video Confessional Clip Explains It All!

Favorite Male Performer

Naomi wasted zero time letting us and the rest of the Camsoda community know that she likes fucking JMac more than any other male performers. She said that JMac knows what he’s doing. He is super strong, can pick you up, and flip you around and is basically a king in bed. The two of them look good on cam so that makes complete sense to me.

Her Favorite Female Porn Star

Janice Griffith is Naomi’s favorite female performing because she’s hilarious and gorgeous. In fact, she loved her before doing porn and loves everything that she stands for.

Camera Shy!?!?!

We wanted to know if Namoi ever felt camera shy. Her first scene was for RK for GFRevenge. Naomi explained that she was super nervous and wasn’t comfortable with her body during the first scene. Then, all of the sudden she was open and okay with it. Now she’s not shy at all!

Signature Move

Fun fact: Naomi has a signature move that she does in bed. She really likes to fuck with guys that have sensitive penis heads. So, she will deliberately try to get them to squirm. She loves fucking with people while fucking, lol.

Shake It Fast, Watch Ya Self!

We needed to know whether or not Naomi Woods likes to watch herself fuck on camera. When she does, it’s only to critique herself and nothing more. She does not masturbate to her own porn videos. Most adult stars don’t watch their own porn for some reason.

Dick Pics

Look, we got the scoop from Naomi when it comes to sending her dick pics. She’s not a fan of them at all. Don’t send her any. The reason she’s not into them right now is that she’s more into girls these days than guys. That explains why she’s been having all those wet dreams thinking about hot girls while sleeping.

We covered a bunch of other topics like male grooming, strange object insertions, and a few other fun topics. My suggestion is to watch the video to learn more about Naomi Woods, and take her into a private chat session when ready! You can email her by visiting this page and sending a message.


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Naomi Woods Sex Video Confessional Clip Explains It All!
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