Petite Ebony Adult Actress Cecilia Lion Shares Every Sex Secret On Video

What’s the word! It’s that special time of the week again and you know what that means. We’ve got a hot ebony girl (just as hot as this model) that’s confessed to everything and she’s stunning. Not only are her physical attributes just about damn near perfect as they get, she’s all smiles and has a fantastic personality. Seriously, I’m talking perhaps the best personality of any cam girls we’ve ever interviewed. The model’s name is Cecilia Lion, yes, we love her and then some.

If you’re curious whether or not she’s filmed porn, I’ll save you the search. She’s spent some time on set and has fucked on cam before. She’s shot for Twistys, Playboy, Reality Kings and even Mofos. As far as bio stats are concerned, here’s what we have to share with you. Cecilia Lion was born on December 2, 1994. She’s from Phoenix, AZ and has gorgeous caramel colored skin. Her eyes and hair are brown and as far as measurements are concerned, she’s 32D-28-30.

Petite Ebony Adult Actress Cecilia Lion

If you’re into social media, then you’ll be happy to learn that she’s been using Instagram and Twitter for quite some time. You’ll catch her posting the occasional cumshot and hot lingerie pics quite a bit. Assuming you like free porn, you might find some of her porn videos on XNXX, Pornhub, SpankBang, and XHamster. Enough about all that though, time to get to the good stuff, the actual video.

Cecilia Lion Camsoda Confessional Clip – We Love Her!

There are a lot of things you’ll want to know about this beautiful, happy, ebony cam girl. In fact, many of these things will leave you rock hard with your dick in hand searching for her Camsoda profile link. Don’t worry though, we’ve got the link for you right here.

But first…

Find out everything about the 23-year-old ebony goddess. Here’s how this confessional interview went down. We simply asked Cecilia Lion a bunch of random questions in no specific order. below you will find all the topics and her responses summarized for each.

The first thing that we asked Cecilia was what her favorite thing to do in bed was. Her answer was “foreplay obviously.” She likes giving head more than getting it. Basically, we’ve been able to confirm that she’s a giver and loves giving blowjobs. That said if you’re a fan of having your dick sucked then she might be your girl.

Moving right along, we asked whether or not she was more dominant or submissive. Cecilia answered, stating that she was way more submissive in her sex life, but she’s been trying to balance the two. Reason being, a lot of times when Cecilia’s on cam, guys want her to act out various fetishes. Things like JOI and being dominant isn’t in her element so to speak, so she practices all of it.

We asked whether or not she’s done a 69 with a guy while standing. She’s never done it but said that it sounds very interesting and she’d love to do it.

Petite Ebony Adult Actress Cecilia Lion

Wild Time In Bed

Cecilia Lion hasn’t had too much experience in terms of wild sex acts, but the first boy/girl webcam show was probably the wildest thing she’s done to date. Cecilia loved having sex on cam with a guy and even likes watching it too. The purpose of viewing isn’t for personal pleasure but for critiquing and studying the visual aspects of it all.

Watching Porn

As for her taste in porn watching, she really doesn’t care to watch any specific type of porn. Instead, she’s more into porn when it’s focused on the girl versus the guy. If porn simply focuses on just the guy and his dick going in and out, then she’s not interested.

Favorite Performers

Like most adult performers, Cecilia Lion does have a few favorites that she likes. Her favorite male performer is Brick Danger and her favorite female performer is actually no one at this time. However, she was loving Veronica Rodriguez when she first stepped on the porn scene. When she first started, she acted as an extra with her on set during a shoot. Yup, Cecilia touched her butt and the day was a win for her for sure.


Petite Ebony Adult Actress Cecilia LionPetite Ebony Adult Actress Cecilia Lion

PJs, Lingerie, & Sex In Public

As far as sleeping is concerned, Cecilia Lion prefers to sleep without pajamas but must have underwear on. It’s a pet peeve of hers. She can’t sleep completely naked, must have panties on. Honestly, many others feel the same way regarding this too.

Moving on to lingerie, Cecilia likes the look of long pieces of lingerie. Things such as bodysuits but she just doesn’t have the long body for that. Instead, she needs some lingerie that ties, is super tiny and meant for petite girls more so than regular sized women. Petite Ebony Adult Actress Cecilia Lion

As for public sex, Cecilia doesn’t like having public sex. Actually, she’s never done it. She does have this on her bucket list but she’s not up for putting herself in a situation where she might get caught. Something like dressing room sex would be perfect for her.

We then got into things like the type of sex that she likes to have, asking whether or not she’s into sex partners being aggressive or gentle. Truth be told, she likes both but really prefers sex partners being more dominant than anything. Cecilia is very submissive. She’s pretty flexible and a giver when it comes to what her sex partner wants.

Threesomes With Pornstars

We asked Cecilia Lion who she would choose for her ideal threesome. It should come as no surprise that she chose a couple of insanely sexy adult performers. Her threesome of chose would include Gina Valentia and Aidra Fox. I gotta tell ya, I would absolutely love to have a threesome with these girls too. Can you really blame me or her for agreeing on that?

Petite Ebony Adult Actress Cecilia Lion

Moving right along here…

We then covered her favorite body parts. When it comes to guys, she likes shoulders, back, and legs, calves specifically. The mouth region on a female is what turns her on most in that regard. Petite Ebony Adult Actress Cecilia Lion

No Salad Tossing

One thing Cecilia Lion won’t do in bed is “eat” a guys ass. She won’t eat a guys ass and that’s final. No rim jobs for guys, it’s not her thing and she’s simply not down with doing it, so don’t even ask.

Orgy Time

One thing we like to cover is whether or not the cam girls are into orgies. She said that she’d be down to have an orgy assuming she can pick the people. No, she hasn’t done one just yet. Petite Ebony Adult Actress Cecilia Lion

Sex Positions

Like many other cam girls, Cecilia Lion as a least favorite sex position as well as a favorite. Spooning is by far her least favorite due to the angle and the feeling. She feels like she gets robbed of dick when fucking in that position and that pisses her off. As for favorite sex positions, she’s all about doggy and missionary.

Petite Ebony Adult Actress Cecilia Lion

We covered fetishes, turn-ons, and turn-offs. I’ll leave you in suspense so if you’re interested in learning the juicy details on those topics, then you’ll need to watch the video above!

Take the time to check out her official profile page and perhaps even shoot her a private message or two. Set up an exclusive chat or just download her boy/girl sex video.

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Petite Ebony Adult Actress Cecilia Lion
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