Piper Perri Shares Her Weird Sex Secrets On Video

Okay, so today I want to fill you in on a little secret. There are times when we here at Camsoda.com yearn for a hot model that plays the perfect innocent tiny (some might say exxxtra small) role in adult films. Well, to help fulfill that need of yours we’ve got none other than Piper Perri.

There’s so much that I want to share about Piper Perri with you and I’m going to do my best to do so. Quite frankly, she is one of the hottest teen porn models out there today. If you’ve taken the time to check out some tube sites or even better, if you’ve joined a few of the stellar premium networks today then you’ve likely seen her taking a big dick at one point or another?

She’s filmed for some of the top studios in the business and has done scenes with Babes, Teen Fidelity, MOFOS, Team Skeet, Karups, Only Teen Blowjobs, Pornstar Network, Teens Love Huge Cock, Bangbros, and Interracial Pickups. That’s just scratching the surface though!

Piper Perri Shares Her Weird Sex Secrets On Video

Let me share some personal information about her so you can get to know more about this lovely hot girl. For starters, she’s typically referred to as Piper Perri but also goes by the alias Julienne Frederico. Piper was born on June 5, 1995, and is currently 22 years old. She’s got brown eyes, blonde hair, real tits, and measures up as 29B-24-34 and has a couple small tattoos as well as piercings. Simply put, she’s the perfect tiny teen webcam model and we love her! Now for the confessional clip! Here’s the full Camsoda Confessional that we shot of Piper Perri. If you’re interested in learning about some of the details, keep reading below and you’ll find some gems that she shared with us.


Piper Perri Talks Dick Pics, Weird Dick Pinching, Huge Bush Hatred & More

Okay, so here’s how things went down with Piper during our confessional taping. We basically asked her for details on a few topics that we were dying to learn about. You’ll find each of the topics below and details on each topic. I’ve summarized her answers and even added my own personal responses from time to time. My prediction is that you’re going to love what Piper Perri had to say and I’m guessing you’ll agree with just about every response she gave.

Here are the topics we covered:

Weirdest Thing In The Pussy

We asked Piper what the weirdest this she’s ever stuck in her pussy was and her answer was super funny. When she first started masturbating, the weirdest object that she stuck in her pussy was one of those tiny cherry flavored Chapsticks.

But it gets so much worse. She actually lost it in her vagina! I mean, you can’t really blame her because she was young and inexperienced I guess. Piper Perri was young and totally had no clue what she was doing or what to do. Piper thought she was going to be in big trouble. I have to say, a lost Chapstick in a virgin pussy is a first for us!

Piper’s Opinion On Male Pubic Hair

What do you think she’s into? Big ole hairy man bush or groomed downstairs?


Piper Perri prefers manscaping because she hates parting a forest, LOL. According to Piper, lots of guys just don’t have big dicks, to begin with, and the two-inch pubic hair isn’t helping at all.

She’s requesting that any and all men that are with her, please trim that shit! It gets in her teeth and that’s annoying AF too. Just go out of your way prior to and trim like it’s your beard. No one wants a Brillo pad down there. Some girls may even back out if the bush is too big.

  • Piper Perri Shares Her Weird Sex Secrets On Video

Dick Pics

We asked Piper if she liked receiving dick pics. Truth is that she’s getting them ALL THE TIME on Snapchat and she doesn’t enjoy them all the time. On certain occasions, she does, but often times she claims that it’s really fucking annoying.

Unless it’s an attractive dick, she wants nothing to do with it. Some of the dick pics that she gets are just nasty and even look like they need to be checked out by a doctor or two. The best part is that Piper Perri is as honest as one gets and she’s all about sizing them up and rating if the guy wants feedback. Don’t get pissed if this extra small teen tells you that you’ve got a small cock. She’s just being brutally honest.

Uncut vs Cut Cock

We then followed up with the uncut versus cut question. Apparently, Piper doesn’t have a preference really. She wants a clean dick that smells nice, that is what’s most important. Some days she likes uncircumcised because it helps with friction and movement. However, the most important aspect is cleanliness and it’s a must.

Pro tip: Guys keep your dicks clean and groomed, simple.

Watching Yourself On Video

It’s a question that we sometimes forget to ask directly but one that often intrigues us. Some cam models and adult film stars love watching their own porn, others hate it. Piper says that she does watch her own but she doesn’t watch it when masturbating!

Instead, she loves erotic novels and enjoys the mental stimulation versus watching porn. The main reason why she typically dabbles in watching porn is to critique her technique of things. Based on what we’ve seen, her technique is fire and top notch. No complaints on this end!

Favorite Adult Film Star

As far as female adult stars go, Piper Perri has two that she really likes. She loves Riley Reid because she’s sweet and down to earth. Another star that she adores is Phoenix Marie because she’s one of her best friends.

Now as far as male talent, this was a tough one for her to answer because there are so many of them. She goes through phases in terms of male performers and right now it’s a guy called “Small Hands.”

Cum Positions

Piper is all about clit stimulation, so the position isn’t really a huge factor. However, if she had to choose which she prefers, it would be doggy style, just like Bailey Brooke. Sometimes she likes being on top if it’s the right person. If you take her into a private chat, maybe she’ll get into your favorite position and fuck for as long as you’d like! All you have to do is ask…

Piper Perri Shares Her Weird Sex Secrets On Video

Comfortable Cam Time

We wanted to know if Piper felt comfortable from day one on cam or if it took some working up to get to that point. Piper Perri said that it took her a while to get comfortable. She’s only been in the game for a few years but is totally all about it now. Yes, it did take some time but she’s opened up like to beautiful blossoming flower.

Piper’s Thoughts On DP

Sorry guys, if you’re a DP and anal fan then you’re out of luck in this department. She hasn’t done anal or DP just yet. Piper did say that she once had a butt plug in her butt with a dildo in her pussy, but she didn’t really like it all that much. Truthfully, that’s all she had to say. Oh, Piper Perri did mention that anal just feels like a daily duty and it’s nothing that appeals to her at all really. If you want to fuck her ass then you’re totally out of luck!

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Weird Sex Experiences

Piper Perri has had some weird ones over the years. The weirdest was one guy she dated a while ago. That relationship is over and it was terrible according to Piper.

The sex was really odd because the guy would pinch his dick run to the bathroom in order to ejaculate. She totally called him out on being gay and it’s quite possible that he was. Who knows really, but she was mad about not getting his cum and he’s now out the door.

Her Favorite Type Of Guy

If you’re interested in what Piper Perri likes when it comes to men, then you’ll want to read this closely. This is a make or break situation for any guys that want to bang Piper…

Piper Perri usually tends to go for guys that are older than her, taller than her and a guy that’s intelligent. She hates guys that are losers. If you’ve got no ambition, then you’re a total loser and she’s not attracted to you. If you’re not pushing her and yourself for something better, then you’re not even on her radar.

Piper wants a stable life and if you want her in your life, then you best not be a loser living in your mom’s basement, struggling all the time. Kindness is a quality that she finds extremely attractive, so be kind and you’ll score points with her. If you’re selfish, then there’s the door. She just loves to be loved, simple as that!

Now, what I’m going to suggest is that you take the time to visit Piper Perri’s official page on Camsoda. Your best bet would be to send her a message to set up a private chat.

Trust me, you will love it!

If you’re on Instagram and Twitter, you’ll find her posting socially over there as well. Reach out to her one way or another and let her know how hot she is. Girls like compliments, just keep them sincere. It’ll go a long way, I promise!


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Piper Perri Shares Her Weird Sex Secrets On Video
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