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MCProfits – Official ModelCentro – FanCentro Affiliate ProgramMCProfits - Official ModelCentro - FanCentro Affiliate Program

MCProfits – Official ModelCentro – FanCentro Affiliate Program


Promote ModelCentro and FanCentro Models Through MCProfits

MCProfits is the official affiliate program for ModelCentro and FanCentro. Affiliate marketers are able to promote all the model sites that have opted-into being included into promotion. MCProfits also provides zipped content to build-out affiliate pages and sites, as well as banner artwork and FHGs. Here’s all the details on the MCProfits affiliate program.


Promote ModelCentro Models

ModelCentro is a leading website building platform for models.  ModelCentro makes it incredibly easy to start their own site. Every model site has the option of enabling an affiliate program. Models with enough site content and promotional content can opt into MCProfits promotion. MCProfits affiliates are able to promote any models that has chosen to be included in the network.


Promote FanCentro Models

FanCentro is a platform that specializes in Snapchat subscriptions. Premium adult Snapchat has become insanely profitable, and it’s now possible for affiliates to get in on the action. FanCentro models can opt into promotion from the FanCentro dashboard. Unlike ModelCentro, there is no content requirements to get included. For that reason, there will be some FanCentro models that only have link-codes with no available promotional content.


MCProfits Promotional Tools

Downloadable Zip Sets

MCProfits provides photo and video zip sets for affiliates. This is useful for building out affiliate sites and pages.

Photo / Video FHGs

MCProfits also supports Free Hosted Galleries (FHGs). The FHGs can be either photo or video. Simply generate and share the link.


MCProfits also supplies a banner artwork for specific models. This artwork comes in a large variety of ad sizes and orientations.

Affiliates Earn 50% Of All Initial Sales and Rebills

Affiliates earn 50% of all initial sales and monthly rebills. This is for both ModelCentro sites, as well as FanCentro Snapchat subscriptions. Models are able to set their own rates, so the monthly income per referral will vary from site to site. If an affiliate refers a free user, and the user upgrades later, the affiliate gets credit for the referral.


Promote The ModelCentro Model Referral Program

In addition to promoting the network of ModelCentro sites, MCProfit affiliates can also make money from the Model referral program. Affiliates with model traffic can earn a 10% lifetime revshare (10% of ModelCentro’s profit magin).


Weekly Payouts (Wire, Check, FirstchoicePay, Paxum, SEPA, ACH)

MCProfits pays out affiliates weekly on Tuesdays. Payout methods are check, wire transfer, FirstChoicePay, SEPA or direct deposit. The minimum payment varies based on cashout method and are as follows:

Minimum Payouts:

  • Check – $100
  • Wire – $500
  • FirstChoicePay – $100
  • Paxum – $50


Also Promote Affiliates.ModelCentro

In addition to promoting MCProfits, affiliates can also promote the basic ModelCentro affiliate program, located on the ‘affiliates’ sub-domain of the main site. The basic affiliate program has much more models to choose from. But any model is able to enable the affiliate program, meaning you have to weed through empty sites and many models do not have promotional material available.

MCProfits models must meet a certain criteria to be featured on the network. With MCProfits, you know that you’re promoting sites with content and promotional material.


Models: Why You Should Opt Into MCProfits Promotion

If you’re a model on either ModelCentro or FanCentro, you should definitely consider opting into MCProfit promotion. Since there’s no upfront expenses, and you’ll always make money off sales generated by affiliates, it’s always liability-free. The MCProfit team does all the heavy-lifting when it comes to running the network, and you’re able to get featured on tons of high-trafficked sites. Here’s the major benefits of being featured on MCProfits.

Free Traffic and Sales

The one thing that makes affiliate programs insanely effective is the fact that there’s no upfront costs. Affiliates only get paid when they refer new sales. The commissions are also setup in a way to where you’ll never lose money over affiliate marketing. Because the promotion is basically outsourced to the webmaster, it’s also effortless traffic and sales.

Get Featured On High Traffic / Converting Sites

Many networks, especially the high-trafficked and high-converting review and directory sites, require an affiliate program (usually with specifications) in order for a site to be featured. The only way to tap into these sites traffic is to be running an affiliate program. The MCProfits terms are compliant with the standards specified by all these networks, enabling you to submit your site and opt into promotion.

Very Easy To Get Started

As mentioned before, getting started with MCProfits is insanely easy. MCProfits takes care of all the technical aspects of running the program, and will also attract qualified webmasters to promote you. The main requirements are 20 pieces of content on your site and 10 pieces of promotional content. full requirements listed below.

Affiliate Programs Help Fight Piracy

One other huge benefit to running an affiliate program is it does actually help the fight against piracy. This is done in a roundabout way. By running an affiliate program, you’re enabling good webmasters to promote your site. These legitimate webmasters are competing for the same type of traffic the pirates are.

Since you control the promotional content available, you’ve got more control over what is spread over the internet, and how it is spread. It’s better that surfers find the approved promotional content, instead of stolen / capped content. The affiliate marketers are also using that content to drive you traffic. Pirates are using your content to drive ad networks traffic, with no benefit to you!


MCProfits Requirements For Models

Here are the requirements for models to get included in MCProfits:

20 Published Items On Site – Models must have at least 20 pieces of content on their ModelCentro site. This includes videos, photo sets and recorded shows.

1st Level Domain (No Sub-Domains) – In order to get included in MCProfits, models must have their own domain name (website name). The ModelCentro site can’t be hosted on the sub-domain of an existing site.

10 Pieces Of Promotional Content – Models must also have at least 10 pieces of promotional content. Zip sets and FHGs count as promotional content.

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Get Started Promoting ModelCentro – FanCentro Models!

Ready to get started as an MCProfits affiliate? Signup today! Start promoting the largest network of solo model sites, as well as the leading premium Snapchat network. MCProfits gives affiliates all the tools they need, including content to build out affiliate sites and pages. New models and promotional content are being added on a weekly basis. Get started today!

YouKandy – Sell Amateur Porn Videos Photos

YouKandy – Sell Amateur Porn Videos PhotosYouKandy – Sell amateur Pics and Vids

Are you interested in making some extra cash selling homemade porn? YouKandy is the network for you! YouKandy is a network for camming and selling adult picture and video sets.

Registration is easy and all models need to get started is a computer, identification for proof of age and the content to sell on the website. There’s no costs for models to start and kind of commitment. Once uploaded, the content will create a residual income stream that will generate you income for life.

Quick Information:

  • Services: Camming, Content, Custom Content, Snapchat, Kik
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payout Schedule: On-Demand
  • Payout Methods: FirstChoicePay


Sell homemade Adult Photo Sets on YouKandy

Upload and sell your adult photo sets, or offer free photo sets to help market your other content sets. The models set the amount of tokens it’ll take to unlock the content sets and the revenue takes care of itself. It’s suggested that models setup some public photo sets with lingerie and topless photos as teasers and keep the real hardcore stuff as private.


Sell Homemade Porn Videos on YouKandy

Get paid selling your homemade porn clips on YouKandy. Just like the photo sets, videos can be made free and public, or private for a number of tokens. Simply upload your video once and let the profits start rolling in. Upload regular video content to diversify your offerings and appeal to a larger crowd.


Adult Camming on YouKandy

Models can make money camming on YouKandy. The camming functionality doesn’t seem nearly as popular as the amateur content sets. I have yet to see a single model online, and it appears that only four models get online every day. This could be a serious advantage though, as it means there is zero competition camming on YouKandy. If you’re the last model online, you’ll also be the first to appear on the camming page. If you’re serious about camming, check out the list of adult camming sites.


YouKandy Payment / Payout Information

  • 100% commission on ALL revenue earned while on web cam (limited time offer)
  • 80% commission on all users referred by you who purchase from you.
  • 60% commission from all other users of the site.

Payouts are made via Payoneer.


Couples / Boyfriends and Girlfriends Wanted

If you’ve got a partner that wants to perform with you on camera, YouKandy is looking for couple models. Both partners must be eighteen years old or older. You can also sell content that features other people,with that other person’s permission. They must be eighteen years old or older. Check out other camming networks looking for couple models.


Block By Region

Don’t want your profile or content appearing in specific regions of the world? Block them to protect your privacy and only make your content appear in the regions of your choice.


Sign Up For YouKandy Today!

Signup for YouKandy.com and start earning today! Registration is simple and easy and profiles can be setup in a matter of minutes.

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