Information On How To Use MFC Club

Information On How To Use MFC Club

Information On How To Use MFC Club

Clubs Now Available on MFC Share

Since the release of MFC Share, those behind the scenes have constantly been coming out with updates and new features. Most recently, they have introduced “Clubs”. Here I will explain how to use this feature and how it can benefit you.

What are Clubs?

It is very popular for models on MFC to have a “Club” that members can join. Models will set a token amount and then give members access to whatever perks that club may have.  I’ve seen a variety of things offered from a monthly video, show recordings, and Snapchat access. It’s really whatever the model would like. Some clubs have a monthly membership, whereas others have lifetime. With this new update, MFC has made this even easier for models to have available.

Why are Clubs Important?

It can be important to have a club for a few different reasons depending on how it’s set up. If you have a monthly club, it gives your regulars something new they can tip for each month. If you offer a few things at a discount for club members, it may encourage new tippers to join so they can get whatever deal you’re offering. Some members may join just for the recognition if you have member names on your profile or have them shown on the club listing on MFC Share.

How Do I Create a Club?

To create a club on MFC share:

  1. Click your avatar/name in the upper right hand corner for the dropdown menu
  2. Click “My Clubs”
  3. Click “+ New Club”

From there, it’s all up to you for what you’d like your club to be. You can set an expiration date if you’d like, or you can have a lifetime membership. If a member tips for a lifetime club multiple times, the number of times they have joined will show by their name. If you would prefer that your club members names stay private, you can un-check “make list of members public”.

You have the option to give club members instant access to albums. There is also the ability to give members a discount on albums and/or store items. To add these perks, you will need to go to the album or store item and edit it to be included.

What If Someone Tips For My Club Outside of MFC Share?

If a member tips outside of MFC Share for your club (i.e. in your room while you are online or as a regular offline tip), you can easily create a voucher to send them that will give access to the club. You will need to go to the vouchers section like you normally would for albums or collections. You will see a drop down menu for your clubs. You can select the length of membership you would like them to have there as well.

To make it a bit easier if this happens while you’re online, you can also set up CharlesBot to PM you a club voucher if someone tips a specific amount for a club. In order to do this make sure you have already added CharlesBot to your room. From there, PM CharlesBot !addvoucher [price] [link to album]. If you no longer want CharlesBot to do this for you, PM him !delvoucher [price]

Use Clubs To Your Advantage

There are many different things you can do with this new club feature to entice members to tip. Use your imagination and get creative with it. The sky is the limit. Information On How To Use MFC Club


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Information On How To Use MFC Club
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