VR Camgirl of the Month: Layla Savage

[Virtual Reality camming] [has changed the way you get to interact with camgirls, if you’ve had a chance to watch a CAM4VR show you’ll know how real it feels,

One of our most-loved VR camgirls is Layla Savage, a cosplay lover, VR camgirl, ray of positive sunshine, and absolutely gorgeous woman.]

Check, out our interview with Layla and then watch one of her shows. If you don’t have a VR headset, you can still watch her shows as a normal camshow.

What’s your favorite thing about Virtual Reality?
[My favorite thing about VR is the level of interaction that I feel between myself and the viewer on the other side. My favorite thing is to get up really close to the camera with my face hugger plush it looks like it is jumping at you! VR Camgirl of the Month: Layla Savage]

How has VR changed the way you interact with your fans or helped you be more successful? 
[VR has changed the way I interact with my viewers in many ways now I feel like because my viewers are able to see more of my personal space in my bedroom they get a better idea of who I am and how i like to entertain my room. I have a wall of paddles and dildos that everyone can see clearly in my room and I can go over and interact with those items for my viewers]

VR Camgirl of the Month: Layla SavageIf you could go anywhere in the world and money didn’t matter, where would you go and what would you do?
I would want to go to Borneo to see pygmy elephants. I saw a article once about an elephant sancuary where you donate to them and you can stay at their lodge and care for the elephants!

What’s your favorite thing to do as soon as you finish camming?
Netflix and snacks

What do you do to relax and have fun when you’re off cam?
Some things I like to do for fun is work on my art or finding a relaxing trail to go for a hike, I also love to take bubble baths. I think its important to find time to also pamper yourself.

Why did you become a camgirl?
The main reason I became a camgirl was to find more time for myself. When I first started I was going to school and working 2 jobs, I always thought camgirls weren’t real, like just a recording or something, then I found out they were actually real people and that I could have a job where having a fun personality was all that was required of me.

VR Camgirl of the Month: Layla Savage

What’s your favorite thing about your fans?
My favorite thing about my fans is how fun and silly they are and allow me to be on a day to day basis. Im very lucky to have such a awesome and friendly crew hanging out with me daily.

What do you like to do with your friends?
[Chatting, and hanging out with my friends is amazing the time flys by when they are there with me making me laugh.]

VR Camgirl of the Month: Layla SavageWhat’s your favorite thing to do in your shows?
I love to show off my seductive side by teasing my way out of a sexy outfit. Lingerie, cosplay, I have many favorites.

[What has been your funniest moment on cam so far?]
[The one thing I dont like about camming is that I am live! I’m too real sometimes, I’m usually a very graceful dork but if I had to pick one moment it would have to be this one time when I was doing an ice tease and accidently lost the cube of ice in my butt and I just fell over laughing and hyperventalating while everyone could only watch and wait until I could compose myself again.]

What do you do before a show to get into the groove to cam?
I like to listen to music and smoke a bowl. This ritual has done wonders for my work because by the time I get on cam my energy levels are on high.

How did you decide on your CAM4 name?
Layla Savage is not only my CAM4 name but also my superhero name, so I wanted to keep things easy to remember

If you’re feeling less than fabulous, what do you do to pump yourself up and feel sexy?
To pump myself up I like to get a massage or my nails done and find a sexy new outfit to show off on cam. This usually gets me feeling back to myself.

Who else on CAM4 do you absolutely love?
[If I had to pick just one it would be Koneko Katana, her name alone will peak your curiosity, she is an amazing friend and camgirl on CAM4.]

[What is the best thing about being a camgirl?]
[Getting showered with attention is obviously great but sometimes you have to look through all that and I’m grateful to have found some true friends that enjoy me just being myself, even on my bad days.]

VR Camgirl of the Month: Layla SavageWhat piece of advice do you have for people new to camming?
[Set a schedule and keep to it, being online regularly will help you to build a base of people that will continue to come back to see you.]

[What is your favorite thing about yourself?]
[My favorite thing is my wit, when someone leaves an opening for me I take it, sometimes I feel like I need to hold back so I dont over flex my dork muscles]

How do you plan to use VR to do exciting immersive cam shows in the future?
[In the future I will be incorporating more BDSM couple shows and I have quite a few great ideas on how to make it look even better with VR]

If you could give a gift to all of the camgirls you know, what would it be?
[I would give them the gift of amazing Internet, because in this industry that is usually the only thing I feel like holds anyone back.]

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VR Camgirl of the Month: Layla Savage
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