Vienna Black She Confesses All Her Sex Secrets On Camsoda!

I’m not sure how to put this other than coming right out and saying it. We’ve got a newbie to the webcam scene who’s recently joined team Camsoda! Her name is Vienna Black and she is an adult actress that’s hot on the scene today. In terms of porn star rankings, all I can say is that she’s working her way to the top and hasn’t been at it all that long. However, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with Vienna today.

Vienna Black She Confesses All Her Sex Secrets On Camsoda!

Before diving right into her Camsoda Confessional video, here’s some information that you need to know about this young actress. First off, she’s only 22 years old (born May 5, 1995) and she’s originally from Queens, NY. As far as measurements go, Vienna measures up as 34C-26-34. She’s done work for some big name studios such as Reality Kings, Team Skeet, Amateur Allure,, and more. If you’re the type that follows porn stars on Instagram and Twitter, then chances are you’ve seen some of the funny as well as naughty updates that she’s blessed the world with. Don’t start searching for her just yet though. Instead, it’s best if you dive right into her confessional clip first!

Vienna Black Talks Anal Sex, Orgies, Dick Pics, UFC Fucking

While filming this confessional video, we ended covering a bunch of random topics. Some of which we were both laughing like crazy. Others were more serious but all in all the filming was fun. Here are the various topics that were covered!

Vienna Black She Confesses All Her Sex Secrets On Camsoda!

Hint: The first response that we got from Vienna Black had as laughing like crazy.

Signature Move In Bed

We wanted to know what Vienna’s signature move was in the sack. Given that so many guys want to fuck her and the lucky ones do, we wanted to throw them a bone so they’d be ready for it. Well, get ready because her signature move in bed is to pass out immediately after getting off, LOL! If that answer is any indication how this confessional is about to go down, then you’re in for a real treat! We were dying laughing over that response. Well done Vienna, well done.

Vienna Black She Confesses All Her Sex Secrets On Camsoda!

Frequent Fantasy

Some girls have sex fantasies that just keep popping in their head time and time again. Vienna claims that she’s pretty plain jane and square when it comes to her sex life. Ms. Black takes an “either-or-approach” to things. Sometimes she wakes up in the morning and has this urge to want to be taken rough and being dominated in a quiet and naturally submissive way.

Vienna Black She Confesses All Her Sex Secrets On Camsoda!

However, when she gets home at the end of the day, she wants something that’s sweet and romantic without all the dominant action. So her fantasies change constantly but either one way or the other for the most part.

Crazy Orgy

When asked what the most daring thing that Vienna’s ever done in bed was. she said it was shooting an orgy with a total of nine people. That’s a lot of people to be fucking all at once! She’s done a side by side couple before, but in terms of people and interaction, the nine-person scenario definitely takes the cake there. It was a big one, that’s for sure!

Vienna Black She Confesses All Her Sex Secrets On Camsoda!

Lingerie OR Loungewear?

The next thing we asked was whether or not she prefers lingerie at home. She’s 50/50 when it comes to wardrobe at home. For example, it’s not uncommon to see Vienna Black sporting a silk robe at home with one titty exposed while doing some chores (sounds hot, I know!).

However, she’s not getting fully done up with lingerie, garter, nylons and all that jazz just to hang out at home. No way, not happening. She’s either going to be sporting her birthday suit aka naked or some sexy robe.

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Rough & Aggressive

We love opening up Pandora’s box and asking about the rough stuff. It’s just a part of our nature, what can I say! When with a guy, we wanted to know if Vienna liked it rough or not. Her answer was quite interesting. She’s very much into the rough and submissive stuff, but it needs to be well-balanced with lots of communication.

If the person that she’s hooking up with isn’t on the same page as her, then that really throws a wrench into the situation. If you don’t want to spoil the moment, then learn to communicate with Vienna Black while having sex. Got it? Great! Moving right along then…

Masturbation (The Beginning)

Vienna is what many would consider a late bloomer, especially when it comes to having sex. She didn’t even start masturbating until she was 16 or 17 years old. That might seem young, but we all know masturbating typically starts much younger than that today.

As far as losing her virginity goes, she lost it when she was eighteen. Oddly enough, the main reason that she did it was to refrain from being the “40-year-old virgin” in the room.

How’d it go down?

Well, she simply asked a good friend at the time to just have sex with her and sure enough, he agreed to do it! They didn’t date at all, just fucked and called it a day. #loveit

Unfulfilled Fantasies

Vienna Black doesn’t have any fantasy that she’s not fulfilled yet. No, it’s not because she’s done everything. Quite the contrary actually. The reason she doesn’t is that she just hasn’t tapped into her sexuality to the fullest extent and she’s still learning about her body.

However, it’s been one fun learning experience! Vienna claims that she has been able to recently learn that she loves using her feet while having sex. She didn’t even know that she liked using her feet while fucking. It’s all about trying new things as life progresses!

We had to ask, “Have you ever slept with a friends boyfriend?” The answer to this question was about as strong of a NO as she could give. It’s not even about girl code or anything like that. Instead, she just prefers to stay out of the bullshit and not interfere with anything of that nature. Honestly, that’s probably the smartest move anyone could make. No drama for Vienna Black, that’s it.

Weird Sexual Experiences

Every girl has a weird sex experience, right? While this one mentioned right here was especially weird, Vienna had something strange to share herself. Hers happened the first time she explored being a sub and dom. She realized that titty slapping and face slapping just wasn’t for her. Seeing a guy get aroused by hitting a girl in the face just weirded her out. It’s more of a power play role normally, but she’s not into it. She was exploring and ended up not liking it at all.

Instant Turn On Tip

If you want to turn on Vienna Black within a matter of seconds, then all you have to do is touch her over her panties. She likes the teasing. Touching her pussy over her panties always works like a charm. Guys, I hope you’re taking notes today!

Guy Preference

We shifted the focus to cover the type of guy that Vienna prefers. Apparently, she doesn’t have a physical type. Instead, she’s into someone that can laugh at himself, someone who can make her laugh and someone who’s confident enough to be able to communicate what they want as well as what they don’t want. All those things really turn her on. Guys can be muscular, bald, hairy chested, have hair on their head, whatever. All that stuff simply doesn’t matter one bit unless you’ve got those first three qualities down.

When it comes to dick, she prefers taking five inches and thick versus ten inches and thin because thick is a whole other ride. She’s not into the bottoming out and crashing that commonly occurs with long skinny dick. She actually prefers a more average sized dick over anything.

Favorite Performers

We like to ask the professional cam girls who their favorite adult performers are. Vienna has a few regulars but she mentioned that J-Mac was her favorite because he takes the work out of the whole situation. Basically, shooting porn with J-Mac is not work, it’s fun. They’ve got natural chemistry.

As for female performers, her favorites is Lena Paul because she’s super confident, super sexy, and she loves being nasty.

Vienna Black She Confesses All Her Sex Secrets On Camsoda!

Comfy On Camera?

Vienna Black has always felt comfortable on camera because she was a stage dancer before porn. She loves the interaction between an audience and being the attraction. It’s the sex aspect of all of it that took some adjusting. Don’t worry, she’s fine with it now!

Favorite Place To Fuck

Her favorite place to have sex varies but she likes the bed. In fact, she doesn’t fuck in public. See Vienna is easily distracted and doesn’t want to have to deal with things that people commonly deal with when having sex in public.

Anal OR No?

Great news! Vienna Black told us that she loves anal. Talk about being able to make some people very happy! She actually did anal before shooting porn and does it in her private life still. On set, it’s a bit more difficult due to the size of some dick that she’s had to take down. All that said, she loves it.

Famous Fuck

If Vienna had the chance to fuck anyone famous, Connor McGregor would be on the top of her list. She loves watching UFC fighters on Youtube.

Last but not least, we hit her with the traditional dick pic question. Vienna Black hates getting dick pics. She doesn’t want to get any dick pics for so many reasons. They cause awkward situations to form, they come out horrible most of the time, and they require unsolicited validation which she’s just not into. If she doesn’t ask for it, then don’t send it. It’s about fucking and how it all goes down, fuck all that other noise! Rant over!

Now, if you’re DTF either in person or on webcam in a one-on-one exclusive chat, then you need to connect with Vienna Black today. Just send her a message on Camsoda and set up a time to chat with her!


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Just send her a message on Camsoda and set up a time to chat with her!
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