Yasmin Scott Confesses To Loving Anal Sex, DP And More On Video!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and that Santa was good to you! We’ve been working hard over here at Camsoda trying to prepare for the new year and it’s been both exciting and fun! While the year-end can be stressful for most people, it’s always nice to be able to relax with some of the beautiful cam models that we have on site. They’re patiently waiting to connect with you and fuck on webcam! If you’re not sure which girl to go for I’m going to suggest this week’s Camsoda Confessional babe. Her name is Yasmin Scott and she’s an incredibly beautiful Australian porn star.

I’m all about sharing as much personal information on these cam stars as possible. Which is exactly what I’m going to do for you right now, kicking things off with her porn star stats. Here’s everything you need to know about Yasmin Scott and her incredible skills. For starters, I can tell you that she’s a 23-year-old hottie born on July 29, 1994, and she’s got the most perfect body that I’ve ever seen. Yasmin’s measurements are absolutely stunning at 34DD-24-36. Sure, her boobs have been enhanced but they’re fantastic as they come nevertheless! Yasmin’s 5’6″ and weighs 136 lbs. Are you an If you’re into using Instagram and Twitter, then you’ll be thrilled to learn that she’s all over those platforms! Yasmin currently has 100+ followers on Camsoda.com and that’s a lot considering that she’s fairly new to camming.

Oh, before I forget, she’s done a lot of porn shoots over the years, some of which are Family Strokes, Moms Lick Teens, Glove Mansion, Private, Naughty America, Cum Louder and more. Now, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this week’s update, the Yasmin Scott Confessional!


Yasmin Scott Talks DP, Anal Sex, Guy Sucking His Own Dick & More!

We kicked things off here by asking Yasmin Scott what her most frequent personal fantasy was and why she wanted to fulfill that fantasy. Honestly, regardless of what her response was we were expecting something sexy and situational where we’d likely want to partake as well. Yasmin said that she fantasizes frequently about being tied up. She also fantasizes about being in a really big gangbang. Since she’s more dominant than submissive, it’s one of the main reasons why Yasmin wants to fulfill this fantasy. Like many other girls out there, they fantasize about things that they typically are unable to experience on a regular basis. Given Yasmin’s ability to play such a dominant role in her porn shoots and personal life, it only makes sense that she would fantasize about playing a submissive role. Yasmin even admits that she’s proactively trying to fulfill her gangbang fantasy as she was speaking with someone about it recently. My guess is that she’d be willing to fuck you if you wanted it bad enough! Afterall, what girl doesn’t want you to fulfill their fantasy?

Yasmin Scott Confesses To Loving Anal Sex, DP And More On Video!

When it comes to being submissive she is all about guys being in total control and super aggressive. The more aggressive the better and you best believe that she’s all for guys biting and doing crazy stuff. Just let your mind run wild and see what you come up with. Chances are she’ll be totally down for just that and then some!

Yasmin Scott Confesses To Loving Anal Sex, DP And More On Video!

Weird Sex Experiences

We then moved on to the weird sex experience talk and she immediately asked us what we consider strange. As you can imagine, Yasmin has had sex with a lot of people and she’s been in quite a few sexual situations where things got a bit weird. One thing that she did witness during one of her fuck sessions was something that we’ve never personally seen before! She watched some guy suck his own penis! It was the weirdest thing that she’s ever seen. That’s probably the most obscure and strange thing that she’s seen or been involved in while having sex.

Watching Porn

We moved on to the standard porn watching question. Of course, we needed to know whether or not watching porn was something that Yasmin Scott liked to do. She loves watching really hardcore porn scenes as well as the sensual girl on girl porn videos. So she flops back and forth between them quite a bit.

In terms of favorite male performers, Yasmin doesn’t like to play favorites. Instead, she prefers to enjoy her time with each and every one of them. The same goes for female performers as well. She just loves them all!

Always Comfy On Cam

Yasmin has always felt comfortable on camera. There has never been a time where she hasn’t felt comfortable enough to fuck and suck in front of the camera crew. I guess business is business and she’s all about it! Some girls can be shy at first, but not her, she was all about it from day one! She became comfortable in front of the camera at a very young age due to her father being a landscape photographer. She was a stripper before porno too so she’s been nude in front of many people and none of it bothers her one bit.

Yasmin Scott Confesses To Loving Anal Sex, DP And More On Video!

Coolest Sex Spot

We wanted to know where the coolest place was that Yasmin fucked in public. The According to her, the coolest place in public that she’s fucked was in the back of a changing room in a clothing store. This is actually a pretty common scene and one that we’ve heard on multiple occasions. However, each and every time we hear a cam model say it, we get so jealous wishing that we’d had a chance to fuck them that scenario too! She’s masturbated on an airplane but hasn’t fucked anyone just yet.

Fuck Famous People

We asked Yasmin which famous people she’d like to fuck if given the chance. Angelina Jolie and Madonna were the two that she shared almost immediately! She likes Brad Pitt too and had a huge crush on the younger Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Favorite Sex Positions

We wanted to know what position makes her cum the hardest. Believe it or not, it varies. However, doggy style seems to be a winner, especially while rubbing her clit. The position really depends on the penis and the angle of the curvature involved.

Grooming, Shaved, or Full Bush?

When asked what she preferred, grooming or bald, she said groomed is great. However, prickly just really bothers her. She’s not up for that type of friction and would prefer shaved or even bush, but if you’re sporting a prickled package then you’re not going to be fucking Yasmin for very long.

Anal Talk

We hit the lotto today I guess because Yasmin is all about doing anal! Everyone’s body is different but you’ve got to be relaxed and comfortable with someone if you’re going to have anal sex with them. Some girls can’t take it because their body doesn’t like it, but others are okay with it. Honestly, it really depends on the girl according to Yasmin. Most importantly, she’s totally down for getting her asshole fucked! Yippee! She gave a few anal sex tips which you can learn by watching the full video.

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DP – Double Penetration

Yes, Yasmin has done double penetration and she said that it’s really good. DP is amazing and she loves the feeling of having two dicks inside her at once. As far as weird objects are concerned, the only weird things that she’s had inside her to date are standard veggies e.g. cucumbers, carrots, and other things of that nature. Fruits and veggies are good for you right?!?!?!

Yasmin Scott Confesses To Loving Anal Sex, DP And More On Video!

Type of Guy

Yasmin doesn’t have a specific type of guy that she goes for or is attracted towards. She’s actually attracted to many qualities and characteristics of men that it makes it very difficult to describe what she truly likes. Intelligence and humor are two major influencers in this department.

We had to ask if Yasmin ever masturbated to her own videos and her answer was standard. Nope, she doesn’t masturbate to her own videos, ever. Some people do but not her. She will critique herself but that’s about it. In terms of masturbating, she does it every day and sometimes multiple times per day!

Signature Move In Bed

Yasmin doesn’t have a signature move in bed, but she does like to watch herself fucking through reflective surfaces such as mirrors and other surfaces. If you get a chance to bang her and there’s a mirror nearby, work that into play and you’re going to score major points!

If you’re looking to fuck Yasmin Scott then I suggest connecting with her via Camsoda. All you need to do is just send her a message and schedule a one-on-one cam fuck session. You’ll be very glad that you did, trust me!


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Yasmin Scott Confesses To Loving Anal Sex, DP And More On Video!
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